Legic Identsystems Case Study

Customer Profile

LEGIC Identsystems is a Swiss-based company specializing in embedded 
security solutions. They have been a trusted supplier of authentication and 
secure credential management platforms to leading corporations worldwide for over 30 years. The LEGIC Security Platform provides contactless end-to-end security for smartphone- and smartcard-based access, mobility, shared resource and industrial IoT applications. 


Looking at the benefits of their solution offering, LEGIC wanted their 
printing environment to offer the same advantages. This includes flexibility, 
simplicity, scalability, security, contactless operation, and cost savings.

LEGIC wanted to increase its print and scan efficiency without burdening the IT department. The challenge was convincing users to centralize their printing using pull-printing and shared printers. Current printing has become burdensome, expensive, inflexible, outdated, and time-consuming. 


Choosing YSoft SAFEQ 6 Print Management Suite gave LEGIC centralized 
print management and digital workflows. This met their requirements to 
save costs and increase security, efficiency, and flexibility. As part of their 
Digital Transformation efforts, LEGIC added secure and convenient mobile authentication with YSoft MFX Mobile Reader, which uses LEGIC’s own unique mobile credential technology.

“The solution was easy to set up and use, requiring very little support from our IT team. We’ve been impressed with how it has all been handled, and the support we have received has been excellent.”

Roger Baechler, Head of Information Technology, LEGIC Identsystems AG

This holistic solution means that LEGIC employees can now use their mobile phones to securely print, access the office, and even pay for food in the staff canteen using a closed-loop payment system.

We are already seeing efficiencies with authentication and workflows. We have resolved downtime difficulties using YSoft SAFEQ,” explains Hans-Peter Nies, Senior Business Development Manager, LEGIC Identsystems AG.


Using YSoft SAFEQ has drastically reduced the number of printers and scanners, saving money and time. With aligned print and scan processes, employees benefit from increased security features, faster performance, contactless operation, and additional print options.

Workflows are now set up to automatically scan to email or folders, which streamlines processes and increases security. These benefits won over those who were concerned about losing their individual printers. The SAFEQ features, such as rule-based printing, reporting, credit and billing, authentication, mobile print, and workflows, have increased efficiencies.

 The solution required very little support from LEGIC IT teams and is fully standardized with a homogeneous setup of processes and environment.

LEGIC Identsystems needed to replace an outdated and expensive print environment. Looking for a centralized holistic solution to support their Digital Transformation ambitions, they chose YSoft SAFEQ Print Management Suite. Combined with YSoft MFX Mobile Reader, they achieved secure, convenient mobile authentication. Upon updating their systems, they realized core efficiencies and cost savings. LEGIC now has a future-proof solution that can grow with them. 

Legic Identsystems Y Soft case study