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We are rebranding YSOFT EveryonePrint to SAFEQ Cloud

Spring is upon us, the sky is turning blue, and we've got our heads high in the clouds! We are happy to announce that we are taking the last steps to make the SAFEQ Cloud available to you.

Slowly but surely, YSoft EveryonePrint (formerly known as Hybrid Cloud Platform) is dressing up in orange as we officially and permanently rebrand it to SAFEQ Cloud. This change pertains exclusively to the product's name and the visual brand, there will be no other impact on our partners and customers.

The SAFEQ Cloud and YSoft EveryonePrint products are the same offerings- SAFEQ Cloud henceforth replaces the previous EveryonePrint and Hybrid Cloud Platform branding. There is no intention of having any break in service or upgrade path for customers. SAFEQ Cloud is simply a continuation of the existing product. That said, we plan to keep the innovation going and add more exciting features!

This step is essential for us to make SAFEQ Cloud the native cloud go-to solution and join the official product portfolio within Y Soft.

Stay tuned for more news to come!

Visit: for more details!

Amanda C. Bäckström
Amanda is the content marketing lead within Y Soft, a position she has held since the acquistion of EveryonePrint in July of 2022. Amanda leverages a well-rounded set of B2B marketing experiences in her role as content lead with previous experience both in the agency environment and in-house print tech environment. She's got a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering (Quality Improvement & Leadership) from Uppsala University. When off, Amanda enjoys being outdoors, exploring psychology and writing, working out, and being social.
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