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Y Soft Announces New Hardware Solutions for YSoft SafeQ Platform

--Three new devices provide additional infrastructure cost savings and value for current investments --

Y Soft, a leading enterprise solutons provider, today announced new hardware solutions that complement the company's flagship workflow solutions platform, YSoft SAFEQ. The hardware products, YSoft SAFEQube 2, YSoft Terminal Pro 4, and YSoft USB Card Reader 3, provide organizations cost-reduction opportunities in print management infrastructure and options for extending the investment of their existing printer fleet.

Earlier this year, Y Soft announced a major update to YSoft SAFEQ. The update extended YSoft SAFEQ's core benefits: reducing print costs, increasing document security and improving employee productivity through custom document capture and automated workflows.

In a recent report, Gartner noted: "Given relatively flat IT budgets, IT leaders can best make available more funds for digital business by lowering the costs to "keep the lights on" -- collectively known as "run" costs. Since infrastructure and operations (I&O) comprises two-thirds of overall IT run costs, I&O is the primary area for reducing expenses."1

With these new hardware solutions for YSoft SAFEQ, organizations have additional options to further reduce print infrastructure costs and extend the investment in their current fleet of multifunctional devices (MFDs). The hardware solutions are:


  • YSoft SAFEQube 2 -- Expensive servers often drive the high cost of print services. By using SafeQube 2, a lightweight applicance, typically 2-4 times2 fewer servers can be used to support print services. When used with Client Based Print RoamingTM (CBPR), a sofftware module in YSoft SAFEQ, SafeQube 2 serves as a local connection point for the MFD's user interface, to perform authentication tasks and data collection for reporting, reducing hardware costs.
  • YSoft Terminal Pro 4 -- While SafeQ is embedded into the MFDs of the world's most popular brands, there are situations where a customer may want a hardware terminal interface to the MFD. Terminal Pro 4's large, 7-inch capacitive touch screen provides a consistent user interface when an organization has multiple MFD brands or when the printer doesn't support an embedded solution. In this way, organizations can realize the cost-savings of print management while extending the investment in their current printer fleet.
  • USB Card Reader 3 -- Designed to slot into YSoft Terminal Pro 4 or as a stand-alone with Y Soft's existing embedded terminals, the USB Card Reader 3 is a small form-factor device that reads cards such as those commonly used for building access making authentication at the MFD easy and fast for users. The family of card readers uses LED indicator lights to confirm positive or negative authentication access.

"Unlike our competitors, Y Soft is the only workflow solutions platform provider that designs, manufactures and tests our own hardware solutions. Customers are assured that our hardware works with our software and do not have to cobble together disparate solutions and live with incompatibilities," said Vaclav Muchna, Y Soft CEO and co-founder.

Additional information about YSoft SAFEQ can be found on the company's newly redesigned website at

1 Finding and Prioritizing New I&O Cost Reduction Opportunities, Jay E. Pultz, 18 March 2016 Gartner Document #G00301385


2 Results will vary depending on the print volume of the organization, number of users and devices used




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