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Y Soft Introduces Global Operational Excellence (GOE) Framework

GOE Framework Helps Organizations Realize Long-Term ROI and Provides Y Soft Partners Necessary Governance for Successful Solution Selling and Positive Technology Deployment
Y Soft, a leading enterprise office solutions provider, today introduced the YSoft Global Operational Excellence (GOE) Framework. Used by certified Y Soft partners, the YSoft GOE Framework is the industry’s first formal methodology that ensures customers receive the true value of print management and document workflow and provides ongoing, state-of-the-art, pre-emptive care.

Today, IT organizations are beset with solutions that promise value, cost and time savings only to fail on delivery within the promised scope, budget, and timeframe – and in many cases, fail to deliver at all. Additionally, the provider is long gone after the project is delivered and the organization cannot prove a continued ROI on the solution. Research firm Gartner, puts it succinctly, “By any definition, the failure rate of IT projects is appalling.”[1] Further, the Standish Group’s Chaos Report indicated, “On the success side, the average is only 16.2% for software projects that are completed on- time and on-budget. In the larger companies, the news is even worse: only 9% of their projects come in on-time and on-budget.”

The YSoft GOE Framework is a set of services and tools that map to ITIL certified processes to ensure organizations who choose YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Solution Platform for print management and document workflow achieve their desired ROI upon implementation and throughout the life of the solution.

Through key phases including Discover, Design and Deploy, the Framework’s transparency and comprehensive deliverables ensure positive customer outcomes. Additionally, the Framework includes ongoing Proactive Care, an online dashboard, which monitors and analyzes the deployment, allowing the organization’s IT staff to focus on other critical business areas.

The Proactive Care dashboard monitors the customer’s print infrastructure related to YSoft SAFEQ and can alert the customer, Y Soft and/or the partner if system conditions change, are in a heightened condition of concern or periodically fall out of ideal ranges. Often, the ongoing monitoring, analysis and alerts can pre-empt customer issues or prevent downtime from ever occurring.

“Strong governance and service quality is vital in managing an often complex and diverse print infrastructure. The YSoft GOE Framework can help partners that are deploying the YSoft SAFEQ platform to deliver an industry standard approach to implementation, ensuring consistent and proactive service delivery,” said Louella Fernandes, Principal Analyst, Quocirca.

For Y Soft partners around the globe, the GOE Framework is a step-by-step, closed-loop process that ensures the customer’s requirements are in the forefront during customer engagement, solution design, solution deployment and when monitoring and supporting the deployment. The Framework is offered to partners through Delivery Management where Y Soft works side-by-side through the GOE phases; once sustained compliance has been demonstrated, partners can move to Delivery Review where Y Soft reviews only the Framework’s key milestones. Partners benefit from a smooth project delivery to customers, satisfied customers and the ability to provide preemptive care throughout the life of the solution.

“YSoft Proactive Care enables us to easily and quickly monitor our customer’s infrastructure. By using the dashboard and system alerts it provides, we’ve been able to provide a high level of support and restore a customer’s infrastructure faster than we would have been able to do normally,” said James Ovenden, Systems Integrator, Sharp UK. “Additionally, we were able to demonstrate the value the higher level Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides to the customer.”

“As one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe, Erste Group Bank AG’s IT operations have to be smooth and almost transparent to our employees and customers,” said Petr Miskovsky, Head of Client Services, S IT Solutions CZ s.r.o. for Erste Group Bank. “When deploying YSoft SAFEQ throughout our headquarters and branches, Y Soft and their partner managed the project extremely well on time and in scope. They understood our needs and goals and delivered the promised value and continue to provide excellent ongoing support through Proactive Care.”

“We’ve formalized the GOE Framework as a complementary set of services to help partners succeed in expanded MPS and digital transformation projects based on over 14,000 YSoft SAFEQ global installations”, noted Martin deMartini, Vice President and co-founder, Y Soft Corporation. “The GOE Framework’s goal is all about satisfied customers. With Proactive Care, we don’t walk away after the sale; we are always there alongside the partner and the customer.”

More information about the GOE Framework, the Framework’s methodology and deliverables can be found at

[1] AAA-Rated Project Failures — Abdication, Avoidance and Apathy 29 October 2014, Gartner | Document #G00262544

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