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Y Soft Introduces YSoft Labs – A Tech Innovation Center for Enterprise Office Solutions

Y Soft Eyes New Opportunities beyond Print Management & 3D Printing

Y Soft, a leading enterprise office solutions provider, today announced YSoft Labs, an innovation center that explores emerging enterprise office technologies that will take Y Soft in new product directions while still expanding the company’s current business opportunities.
YSoft Labs is a result of the company’s long-term strategy and commitment to invest half of its profits into research and development activities.
The expansion of the company’s research and development also means over 40 new career opportunities for software and hardware engineers, researchers, architects and product and project managers.
The newly formed YSoft Labs will enable the company’s expanding research and development teams the freedom to explore novel areas, particularly in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Business Process areas that have the potential for future products and services to help enterprises build and run smarter companies.
In a December 2015 report, Gartner[1] noted “A majority of business processes will be impacted by the Internet of Things (IoT), creating pressure on IT leaders to evolve systems and infrastructure to adapt.”

Y Soft’s CTO and board member, Ondřej Krajíček commented, “Our development teams are already experimenting with new technologies and pride themselves on staying ahead of trends in the market. The formalization of YSoft Labs with Martin de Martini and R&D is off to a great start already.”  

“It’s an exciting time for Y Soft as we invest in these initial technology areas,” said Martin de Martini, Head of YSoft Labs and Y Soft co-founder. “With YSoft Labs, we are bringing together talented teams of developers and project leaders interested in working together to conceive and create the next generation enterprise office products,” he added.
Currently, Y Soft’s flagship product, YSoft SAFEQ, provides enterprise print management and document capture to large and SMB organizations looking to reduce the cost of print services, increase document security and improve workflow productivity. The YSoft BE3D family of 3D printers provides an affordable way for educational institutions to incorporate 3D printing into their curriculum as a learning tool and for manufacturers to cost efficiently prototype or produce finished goods.
With YSoft Labs, Y Soft will expand these two current product areas and demonstrate new capabilities in additional fields for the enterprise. The initial areas of focus for YSoft Labs include:

The Internet of Things Platform – Already incorporated in Y Soft products today, this area will further explore the application possibilities an IoT platform approach brings due to features such as managed deployment, monitoring and configuration and easy development of IoT applications. As an example of the potential of this area, YSoft Labs created a pair of robots to simulate the testing of new software features on multifunction printers.

Business Process Management (BPM) – Increasingly, organizations – especially knowledge-based organizations facing rapid growth with a young and very social-oriented workforce – are challenged with standardizing processes to remain productive.  Today’s BPM solutions are cumbersome and time-consuming and ultimately don’t serve the organization as intended.
3D Printers and Workflow Solutions – With the rapid adoption of 3D printing, YSoft Labs will explore the similarities and differences between 2D and 3D printing processes to define best practice workflows for organizations using 3D printing in small form factor manufacturing, education and prototyping. With the belief that 3D printing will become pervasive on the networks of enterprises and universities, many of the print management benefits from YSoft SAFEQ apply. Additionally, this area will define new 3D printer designs and capabilities.
Future of Print Management and Document Capture – In this area, Y Soft will continually innovate its flagship product, YSoft SAFEQ. As organizations’ needs change based on new technology and architecture trends, such as the shared economy, public and hybrid cloud, mobile and advanced digital workflows, YSoft Labs will develop new capabilities for the most forward-thinking customers.

For more information about the multiple R&D and product/project positions available at Y Soft for each of the above initiatives, visit our Careers site, To learn more about YSoft Labs, visit

[1] Gartner, Predicts 2016: Unexpected Implications Arising From the Internet of Things, Ted Friedman, et al., December 3, 2015  #G00293264

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