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Y Soft SafeQ – A Print Management Platform for Enterprise Office Solutions

New Platform includes Full Document Capture and Integrates with 3D Printers

Y Soft, a leading enterprise office solutions provider, today announced YSoft SAFEQ platform, a new version of the company’s flagship enterprise print management solution. YSoft SAFEQ platform is the only solution that truly integrates print management and document capture workflow, provides a seamless solution for both 3D and 2D printers and includes a mobile app for secure printing no matter the brand of printer.
The SafeQ platform provides a one-stop solution for organizations seeking the benefits of print management and managed content services (MCS) and builds on the product’s reputation for reducing print services costs by 30 and, in some cases up to 50%, improving workflow productivity and increasing document security.
However, today’s organizations are increasingly requiring managed content solutions for the digital capture, processing and distribution of documents into 3rd party document storage and retrieval systems and other enterprise applications.

According to a recent AIIM Market Intelligence Report[1], 57% of IT/document management professionals are looking to automate more processes; 27% need to increase the speed of delivery to the next process and 26% want to improve security and compliance. 
Commenting on the major update to SafeQ, Y Soft CEO and Co-Founder Václav Muchna said, “With our platform approach to enterprise office solutions, organizations have a resource in Y Soft that is dedicated to providing integrated, intelligent office solutions. Adding document capture, processing and delivery to SafeQ is the first step in building a robust platform solution.”
Y Soft’s global network of partners shared their thoughts on video of what YSoft SAFEQ platform means to them and to their enterprise customers. 
In addition to MCS, the platform includes new ways to further reduce costs including:
  • Client Based Print Roaming - Print Roaming, which enables users to print from any printer in the environment, is now expanded giving the option to have complex tasks associated with printing done on the client workstation. This means fewer and less expensive servers are needed to support existing and scale for new users.
  • Multitenancy - uses the shared economy concept allowing print service providers to manage multiple customers using one instance of YSoft SAFEQ where total costs for hardware and software are shared amongst several companies
  • YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Terminal - a mobile app that can be used with any multifunction device but is also a cost saving choice for devices without an embedded terminal option
In a separate announcement, Y Soft also introduced YSoft BE3D eDee, the first 3D printer integrated with YSoft SAFEQ offering comprehensive print management, workflow and an accounting system.
YSoft SAFEQ Platform Packaging and Availability
The platform is offered in four Suites:
  • YSoft SAFEQ Enterprise Suite
  • YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite
  • YSoft SAFEQ Print Management Suite
  • YSoft SAFEQ Print Management Suite LD (Limited Devices).

Early access to the Suites will begin during Q2 2016. Detailed information about the Suites and new capabilities in SafeQ 6 including universal print drivers and finishing options can be found at
[1] Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 2015 Paper-free Progress: Measuring Outcomes

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