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Y Soft Ventures Delivers on its “Genuinely Smart Money” Promise

-- In Addition to Funding, Y Soft Ventures Offers Startups Manufacturing and Other Business Processes --

Y Soft Ventures, the venture capital arm of Y Soft Corporation, announced today that Sewio Networks, one of its portfolio investment companies, is benefiting from its “Genuinely Smart Money” approach to investing. The Genuinely Smart Money approach promises to provide portfolio startups with mentoring and business expertise from Y Soft in addition to investment funds.
An example of this approach in action is Sewio Networks, a Czech Republic-based company focused on providing precise indoor positioning products. Sewio Networks is able to use Y Soft’s production line to manufacture the latest version of their Real Time Location System product.

Using Y Soft’s manufacturing expertise and purchasing power, Sewio Networks is able to focus on developing new innovations, while Y Soft takes care of ordering, logistics and manufacturing assembly. The resulting savings of time and money is significant for young startups that need to bring products to market quickly. Over time, Y Soft can manage the entire process from manufacturing to customer delivery.

“In addition to Y Soft Venture’s relationship to Y Soft which brings us manufacturing support, we’ve benefited from their business acumen in negotiating contracts, with channel sales and technology certifications,” said Milan Simek, CEO, Sewio Networks. “As a local company that understands our business, Y Soft Ventures brings more than just their financial investment,” he added.

Y Soft Ventures invests in promising young Central and Eastern European companies that focus on combining hardware and software in new, innovative ways with far-reaching potential. Of particular interest is high-growth companies that provide products or services in the areas of Internet of Things, enterprise solutions and smart technology.

In addition to its Genuinely Smart Money approach, Y Soft Ventures differs from most European and in-house venture arms such as Google Ventures, Microsoft Ventures and Intel Capital, because Y Soft Ventures is open to external investors.

“Y Soft Venture’s vision is to create a community of related businesses and investors within the Czech Republic,” noted Miloš Sochor, managing partner, Y Soft Ventures. “With our Genuinely Smart Money approach, we can help these young companies succeed in the global market.”

About Y Soft Ventures
Y Soft Ventures is the venture capital arm of Y Soft Corporation. Based on a “Genuinely Smart Money” approach, the group looks to invest in innovative startups whose promising products or services combine software and hardware to deliver solutions with far-reaching potential. In addition to funding, Y Soft Ventures is able to use its resources in manufacturing, global distribution, marketing and logistics to increase the speed of success.

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