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Y Soft Announces Corporate Social Responsibility Program

4-prong program designed for social good, transparency and a competitive business environment

Y Soft® Corporation, a leading enterprise office solution provider, today announced a set of social responsibility programs designed to inspire social good, transparency, and business conditions that enable companies to thrive in a competitive environment.

Vaclav Muchna, Y Soft’s CEO and co-founder, was deeply involved in the development of the CSR program. Mr. Muchna noted that there are many admirable CSR programs today from various companies who are passionate about a particular area or who choose a cause related to their business. “It occurred to me that a company’s ability to contribute in any way depends on the health of the company. A company must be able to thrive in a transparent and competitive business environment, therefore we took a different approach,” he added.

The four different CSR program areas are:

  • Legislation – transparent government and legal lobbying (Czech Republic focused)
  • Watch Dogs – supporting fact-based journalism (Czech Republic focused)
  • Civic Society – employee chosen local charitable organizations (globally focused)
  • Digital Transformation & eGovernment – assisting in the digitalization of the Czech government


Of particular note is the Civic Society area, a global program and web portal designed to contribute locally in communities where Y Soft employees are located. Each quarter, the Civic Society program enables YSofters to choose local entities for a corporate contribution. Many YSofters have already participated in making contributions to sustainability causes and other worthwhile charitable causes in their communities.

The Civic Society program further encourages YSofters to be active in driving change in their local communities by volunteering, in which case, the corporate contribution is much higher.

Since the Civic Society program began, 44% of contributions have been made with YSofters actively participating with the cause through volunteer work. 32% of contributions have been made in social care causes, 24% in education/science/research and 23% in a sport related cause. Other causes included humanitarian aid, healthcare, animal care, environmental care and community development.

Learn more about the CSR programs Y Soft has chosen.

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