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Y Soft Offers a Modification Kit for its YSoft be3D eDee 3D Printer

Modification kit enables use of new flexible print pad or glass print pad

Y Soft® Corporation, a leading enterprise office solution provider, today announced that a new modification kit for YSoft be3D eDee is available. The new flexible print pad makes it easier for users to prepare the 3D printer for printing and to remove the model once 3D printing is completed.

The eDee 3D printer is part of the YSoft be3D eDee print management solution designed for the Education market. The new print pad is an example of Y Soft’s commitment to providing easy-to-use experiences and safety when using 3D printing in school environments.

The new print pad is made of bendable metal sheet with special plastic surface enabling most models to pop off easily without requiring any special tools. The eDee 3D printer previously only had a glass print pad which required models to be removed with a spatula. The new print pad does not require glue and is easily cleaned with soft tissues.

The bendable plastic print pad is part of a modification kit for the eDee 3D printer. The kit includes the new plastic print pad, glass print pad and an alloy print pad holder which can hold either the new print pad or the original glass pad. Soft tissues and installation instructions are included. The modification kit will be available to current YSoft be3D eDee customers in September 2019.

“Since eDee is used in schools with students of various ages, safety and ease of use are key considerations for principals and teachers,” said Petr Šťastný, Product Marketing Manager,
Y Soft. “Already a choice for safety reasons, eDee’s enhanced print pad makes it easier for teachers and students to enjoy the benefits of 3D printing in the classroom,” he added.

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