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Y Soft Announces Cloud Guarantee Program for YSoft SafeQ

Cloud Guarantee Program future proofs customers print infrastructure investment and gets companies to the public cloud faster
Y Soft Corporation, the leading enterprise workflow solutions provider, today announced a Cloud Guarantee Program to ensure customers’ print infrastructure investment as they transition to the cloud.

Organizations are leveraging public cloud services to reduce print infrastructure costs and reliance on IT support. 

Thanks to YSoft SAFEQ’s modular architecture, there are many options that Y Soft can offer to businesses who may be considering transitioning from on-premise to private or public cloud for their print infrastructure.

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud Support

Y Soft offers the most flexibility in cloud print infrastructure options:
  • YSoft SAFEQ Breeze for SMB as a hosted public cloud service (SaaS), previously announced as YSoft SAFEQEdge Core, a beta program with an edge device.
  • YSoft SAFEQ in a private cloud managed by the customer on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform or other public hosted datacenters.
  • Additional public cloud beta pilot programs.
  • A combination of any of these cloud deployment options, for example, a combination of private or public cloud, as a customer’s needs and print governance policies require.

YSoft SAFEQ deployed on-premise or in combination with a cloud option is always available.

Y Soft has made available for download, an IDC Market Note on YSoft SAFEQEdge Core and the company’s Cloud-First strategy (NOTE: this report is no longer available). 

Cloud Guarantee Program

The Cloud Guarantee Program protects a customer’s print infrastructure technology investment. Whether an organization starts with YSoft SAFEQ on-premise and decides to move to the cloud, their investment in Y Soft technology is guaranteed to move with them. To help customers understand their cloud options for print services, the program offers a free cloud-readiness assessment.

“Y Soft is cloud-ready today,” said Barry Löwer, Chief Sales Officer, Y Soft. “We are already working with customers on their public cloud deployments and can easily design a cloud infrastructure solution that combines the award-winning capabilities of YSoft SAFEQ with the reliability and security of the leading cloud platform providers to create a solid foundation for print services in the cloud.”

Y Soft does Cloud. Let’s talk.

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