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Y Soft announces the availability of its YSoft be3D eDee 3D printing solution in North America

YSoft be3D eDee is a safe and secure 3D printing solution specifically designed for the education market
Y Soft, the leading enterprise workflow solutions provider, has announced that its 3D printing solution, YSoft be3D eDee, is now available for educators in North America.
The 3D printing solution for education includes the safe and secure eDee printer, 3D/2D SafeQ print management software, DeeControl layering software, 3D filaments, and now, free access to our teacher tested YSoft be3D Academy.
The eDee printer has an enclosed chassis, which shields students from moving parts and high temperatures needed to layer the plastic material that forms the 3D object. It also helps control unauthorized access to the printing space through doors that can be unlocked only by authentication. We understand that there is nothing worse than coming back to class and finding out some upperclassman canceled and pulled your print job because he deemed his more important. To help manage this, the printer also sends alerts, with photos about the progress of the print job, and sends an email letting the student know when it's done.
Because of this built-in security, the eDee printer doesn't have to be behind locked doors and can be shared in an open area like a library or maker space giving access to more students. The eDee printer uses PLA (polylactic acid) filament, an odorless and non-toxic, bio-degradable biopolymer that is safer for students.
The print management solution can also manage a 2D print fleet, offering schools the ability to reduce 2D and 3D print costs, improve productivity, and increase document security across the board.

3D printing in education is a growing market with more and more educational institutions adopting fleets of 3D printers to help STEAM classes illustrate difficult concepts, enhance hands-on interactive learning, and drive class engagement. To help support those efforts, Y Soft worked with educators to develop YSoft be3D Academy, an online library of 3D lesson plans, video tutorials and ready to use model files.
YSoft be3D Academy has a range of 3D lesson plans and model recommendations for each of the STEAM subjects. These lessons cover a range of relevant topics and integrate 3D printing into the classroom with fun and challenging projects. Featuring comprehensive lesson plans, guides, videos, models, and presentations, it provides everything needed to conduct a STEAM subject lesson using 3D printing.  Best of all, YSoft be3D Academy is free to browse and use. (Registration is required to access the lesson plans.) While the be3D Academy is free to use, if you are an eDee customer you will have additional access to premium 3D lessons which aren’t available to those that aren’t eDee customers.
“We are excited to offer the YSoft be3D eDee solution to teachers and educators here in North America,” commented Elke Heiss, Chief Marketing Officer, Y Soft. She added, “We know that creating a unique hands-on, immersive learning experience sparks ideas and makes education more fun. When students are more engaged, their motivation for learning increases, the quality of teaching improves.”
Y Soft, in partnership with Konica Minolta, is introducing YSoft eDee 3D printing solution for education on Saturday, February 8 at the STEAM Unity Expo event at Vista del Lago High School in Southern California.
Click here for more information about the YSoft be3D eDee 3D printing solution.

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