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Clean Design UI provides seamless and improved end-user experience

Y Soft Corporation, the leading enterprise workflow solutions provider, today announced the availability of the 2nd generation of YSoft SAFEQ Embedded Terminal for Sharp multifunctional devices. The YSoft SAFEQ Embedded Terminal is a software-based terminal integrated into the multifunction device (MFD). It utilizes the MFD’s printer control panel for user input, providing a seamless user experience and simple and intuitive operation using the Sharp touchscreen display.

This upgraded version of YSoft SAFEQ Embedded Terminal includes the latest clean design user interface enhancements, which enable easy and personalized access to features and functions. It supports the basic features of Embedded Terminal, which allows users to authenticate, then manage their YSoft SAFEQ prints, copies, and scans directly at the MFD.

YSoft SAFEQ enables organizations to manage and optimize print and scan services across their organization with secure pull-printing, cost reduction tools, productivity-enhancing workflows, and comprehensive reporting for monitoring and auditing usage and to highlight sustainability contributions.

“Sharp is an important partner and has been for many years; this upgrade is a reflection of our dedication to them and their customers,” said Barry Löwer, Chief Sales officer for Y Soft.  “We’re confident that Sharp customers will appreciate and agree that the new YSoft SAFEQ Embedded Terminal on Sharp MFDs delivers a simplified user experience and reduces the time they spend copying, printing, and scanning.”

Löwer continued, “Customers have grown accustomed to and demand easy to use user interfaces’ on every digital device they use. YSoft SAFEQ Embedded Terminal for Sharp offers our customers one of the best user experiences and supports all the functions provided by YSoft SAFEQ.”

YSoft SAFEQ is designed as a software platform. Today, the platform has four main product areas:  Print Management, Cloud-hosted Print Management, Document Capture, and 3D Print Management. Within these four areas, the software is offered in Software Suites for the best value, although individual modules can be purchased.

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