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 -- Office staff can now use their mobile devices for contactless printing, improving their physical safety --
Y Soft Corporation, the leading enterprise workflow solutions provider, announced a new mobile-based authentication solution for secure identity verification for networked printers. The new YSoft MFX Mobile Reader is part of Y Soft’s family of USB readers that provide secure, accurate, and convenient identity verification.

“COVID-19 has made businesses aware of how they need to keep their employees safe at the office,” said Wouter Koelewijn, Chief of Products, Y Soft. “MFX Mobile Reader addresses the need for better physical safety by allowing their employees to use their mobile devices to identify themselves instead of physically touching the networked printer.”

The new solution has three components: a reader, a mobile app, and digital credentials, which together expand on the security and accurate access that Y Soft card readers are renowned for. The new MFX Mobile Reader also provides YSoft SAFEQ partners with a cost-effective, touchless mobile alternative that customers are asking for in today’s hygienic office environment.

YSoft MFX Mobile Reader accurately reads the user’s credentials from the user’s mobile phone. Employees only need to touch their own mobile phones to print all the jobs in their print queue, eliminating the need to touch the networked printer and reducing the number of times the MFD must be wiped down per day. MFX Mobile Reader also supports the use of identity cards supporting over 100 access card technologies.

With the YSoft Mobile Connect™ mobile app (Android or iOS), users can securely and conveniently authenticate access to print management services by simply holding their phone close to the MFX Mobile.

YSoft Connect ID™ provides a simple enrollment process, and the credentials can be sent electronically to each user. The YSoft Mobile Connect app stores the digital credentials and uses those credentials to securely authenticate the user on any printer equipped with the MFX Mobile Reader. This provides secure two-factor authentication, and the user’s private data is stored only on their personal device.

Unlike an identity card, a misplaced or stolen smartphone can’t be used to access users’ print jobs since the phone’s native security features (PIN, fingerprint, facial recognition) act as the 2nd-factor authentication. MFX Mobile Reader is a more affordable solution than a traditional biometric system. The business doesn’t have to worry about GDPR compliance since they aren’t storing employees’ biometric data – they are only stored on the smartphone.

The YSoft Mobile Connect application is available in Google Play and the App Store for iPhone as a free download. The app is based on the Legic Connect SDK and can use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or NFC authentication.

Y Soft has a 20-year history of designing and manufacturing companion hardware devices for printers. This experience and logistical know-how are key differentiators and go beyond hardware solutions developed for YSoft SAFEQ and improve our processes and deliver hardware that organizations can depend on.

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