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-- Company expands YSoft OMNI Series Availability --
Y Soft, the leading enterprise workflow solutions provider, today announced that businesses in the European Union can now lower their print services costs through simplified cloud-based printing with YSoft OMNI Series. OMNI Series is a cloud printing service that instantly and cost-effectively connects printers to the Cloud.
OMNI Series also enables companies to support hybrid office/home employees with secure cloud printing, and for companies with critical printing processes, OMNI Series has options for high availability.
“YSoft OMNI Series is perfect for small-to-medium businesses that want to quickly connect their existing printers1 to the Cloud now in order to lower their costs and reduce the burden on their IT departments,” stated Wouter Koelewijn, Chief Product Officer at Y Soft.
Together with Microsoft

YSoft OMNI Series consists of OMNI Bridge and the OMNI UP365 App. Y Soft developed the OMNI UP365 App in partnership with Microsoft to support the Universal Print feature in Microsoft 365. With its 20-year history of designing and manufacturing companion hardware products for its print-management software, Y Soft was an ideal partner to create a cloud-based solution for SMB that leverages the security of M365 in an elegant and easy to use solution.
OMNI Series Availability in the YSoft Store

YSoft OMNI Bridge, a serverless Edge device, and the YSoft OMNI App, an annual subscription service, are offered as a bundle in the YSoft Store. Customers can choose from three bundle packages that support either 1, 5 or 25 printers starting at €224.00. Additional UP365 subscriptions are available in 1, 5 or 25 packs starting at €25.00. OMNI Series is available in the EU countries and in the United States, where it debuted in March 2021.

1 Printers that are IPP enabled and PDF capable

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