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Y Soft Technology Hour

Y Soft, Polygon House Doudlebská 1699/5 (7. floor), Prague
Communication Sequential Processes (CSP) - Jakub Fojtl

Communicating Sequential processes, better known as simply CSP, is a model for building concurrent applications. CSP is an ancient idea, recently popularised by the use in Google's fairly new language called Go, or e.g. Clojure, where core.async library is heavily influenced by this model.

I will show you the strengths of CSP using practical examples in Go and a little comparison with possible alternatives. However, the CSP is now being implemented in various languages, so there is a great chance you could apply the idea on the platform of your choice.

As always, after the talk, there will be a bit to eat, something to drink and a lot to talk about.

About the author:
Jakub Fojtl is a Product Architect at Y Soft, software craftsman,facilitator of CodeRetreat and a host of Y Soft's Technology Hour meetup. Interested in all kinds of programming languages and functional programming enthusiast.