Žijeme IT

Faculty of Information and Technology BUT, Brno
Žijeme IT is a conference for students interested in innovative technologies and is organized by the Faculty of Information and Technology.
Žijeme IT

Our own Andrij Stecko, manager of our product security team, will present Y Soft’s secure software development lifecycle (SSDL). During his presentation, he will focus on tools such as OWASP Dependency Check, SonarQube, FindBugs, FindSecurityBugs, to which Y Soft has contributed by adding new and more reliable detection mechanisms, and ODC analyzer, our extension to OWASP Dependency Check.
If you want to know more about how Y Soft approaches security, visit Andrij´s presentation on Friday at 3:15 PM in room no. D0207

Website: www.zijemeit.cz