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CzechInvest and Y Soft meeting regarding further cooperation and investment

Y Soft would like to thank the team from CzechInvest for visiting Y Soft in Brno on Jan 13, 2015 and for sharing their short-term outlook of Czech government sponsored initiatives. This meeting was a follow-up to some previous related activities such as the meeting with the Czech Prime Minister and the mutual Y Soft / be3D company introduction that resulted in a significant investment.
It was interesting to learn how CzechInvest intends to support further investments in Czech-driven Research and Development and innovation. We at Y Soft Corporation and Y Soft Ventures are technology-based businesses and plan to further grow our capabilities in this area, so this meeting was extremely helpful and insightful. Furthermore, CzechInvest does have a support capacity in the US and since Y Soft is also active in this territory, we agreed on subsequent steps to help similar Czech technology-based start-up businesses promote their ideas in the US. Last but not least, we touched on the topic of education. We feel that the Czech education system needs to receive more experience and knowledge from abroad and therefore Y Soft and CzechInvest agreed on how together that can be supported.

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