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Elevate Your Software Quality Standards with AIVA Robotics

Ensure excellence with AIVA continuous integration, improving software quality and reducing risk.

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AIVA AI Testing

Streamline Your QA Process with AIVA

Software Quality Assurance
With continuous integration improving software quality through automation and testing, your DevOps team can streamline QA procedures and build a robust process of Continuous Quality Assurance (CQA).

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Kick Manual QA to the Curb, Let AIVA do the Footwork

Robotic Assistance Devices
Thanks to AIVA's software quality assurance automation, your developers can let go of tedious, repetitive workflows and focus on exploring new market demands and levels of software quality.

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Automated Software Quality Assurance & Control

Automated, Self-Testing Builds

Maintain a code repository and utilize continuous integration to seamlessly merge code, automate builds, and consistently assess code stability without human interference.

Instant Visibility

As soon as AIVA completes a new build, everyone can instantly see the results. In the event of a build fail, AIVA will warn responsible team members so they can react quickly, reducing risk.

Swift Upgrade Delivery

Continuous testing ensures only high-quality software reaches the market. AIVA makes it easy to get the latest deliverables out fast without compromising the quality of the solution.

Other Ways AIVA Can Help Your Team 

AIVA has a lot to offer, and these are just some ways this employee can support your team.

Do you have a different project that requires similar functions and abilities? If so, make sure to reach out to us. We’re happy to explore how AIVA can help!

Continuous Integration

Leverage AIVA to enhance and streamline your software development and testing process while shortening your time-to-market with Continuous Integration (CI). 

With integration automation and automated code testing, you can use AIVA to detect and prevent code issues early, accelerate service delivery, and enhance customer experience.

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Configuration and Testing

Instead of leveraging a Cobot (Collaborative Robot) and an on-site technician to perform pre-programmed operations for device testing and configuration, AIVA can work autonomously or with remote access for technicians in scenarios where automation isn’t suitable.

Learn more about Testing