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How an Employee Reboarding Tool Enables a Parent-Friendly Workplace

The happiest, most frequent reason employees take a leave of absence and require employee reboarding is the arrival of a new family member. Maybe it’s the dad who stays home with the baby. Maybe it’s mom. Whoever takes on the new full-time parenting role is going to have a great time—and be away from work long enough for the work environment to change and evolve.

In some parts of the world—the Czech Republic, for instance—parental leave is usually two years. In other countries, it may be as short as three months.

While individual needs and experiences may and do vary, the new parent will have some catching up to do when he or she is ready to return from maternity/paternity leave.

In a tech-forward world, an onboarding platform can lend a hand to efficiently and peacefully reboard returning employees.

Employee reboarding tools facilitate and accelerate the process of reintegrating employees into a workplace. Reboarding tools are especially popular among companies looking to offer parent-friendly jobs, as they help returning employees catch up on changes after a significant absence (like returning from parental leave).

By properly reboarding employees, companies can enjoy a
70% reduction in new hire turnover.


Reboarding Employees Post-Parental Leave

Returning parents need to be brought up to date on changes that have occurred in a company during their absence. Employee reboarding helps these employees get up to speed on questions like:

  • Who’s joined the team? Who’s left the company?
  • What policies or procedures have changed?
  • What new products have been launched?
  • Are there any changes in clients, partners, or vendors?
  • Pricing, availability, and support—are they different now?
  • Has the messaging changed?
  • Has my job itself changed while I’ve been gone?
  • Is the company different now? Is the world?

In the natural evolution of business, all these changes happen while a colleague is on parental leave. From the human capital management perspective, helping an employee who’s been on a protracted leave become effective quickly makes sound economic sense, whether that’s in the job he or she used to do or in a new role that’s more urgent to the company today.

For the employee, reboarding facilitates not just a return to competence but the assurance that the company s/he’s coming back to cares about their talent and contribution.


How an Onboarding Platform Supports Returning Parents

Y Soft’s Clerbo onboarding platform is designed to help colleagues master information easily, effectively, and independently. The platform supports onboarding, reboarding, company changes, employee learning, and much more.

The platform delivers content online and onscreen via laptop or smartphone. This allows employees to set their own schedules for learning and be flexible about their new baby’s nap times, daycare, and more.

HR departments in companies with parent friendly jobs use Clerbo to create content in appropriately formatted lessons for returning employees. The employee reboarding lessons can be text-based, graphic- or video-based, or a mixture of the three. Training modules are reinforced by quizzes that motivate learning and measure mastery of the material.

The beauty is the creation of the content is easy to structure and deliver. As a result, Clerbo can enable an easy-to-consume approach to returning to work.

Blog - In-Post Image- Reboarding Employees Course Mobile

Any employee who was onboarded using Clerbo already knows the interface and how it’s used to deliver content and measure mastery. It’s like having a friend in your pocket who’s ready to teach when you’re ready to learn. One who respects your time and never gets impatient if you have to repeat something a time or two to make sure it sticks.


Preboarding. Onboarding. Reboarding.

Using an onboarding platform with a simple, powerful, and familiar interface makes learning happen faster and stick longer.

Blog - In-Post Image - Reboarding Employees After Parental Leave

Clerbo is proof that familiarity breeds loyalty and gives new parents the confidence to hard-launch their return to work post-parental leave.

Welcome back!

"I returned to work after six years of maternity leave. After such a long time, you literally start from scratch. Systems, processes, colleagues – all this has changed, and you feel like you are missing the train. That’s why I was so glad that my manager, together with HR, had prepared an onboarding plan in Clerbo, in which I saw the full training roadmap as well as the order of individual courses. It is easy to access the training, you can find all courses in one place. What I appreciate a lot is that the training does not disappear, and I can return to it whenever needed." – Iva Belovičová, Fronline Operations Support, Y Soft.

Does Clerbo sound like the right onboarding platform for reboarding employees at your company? Take it for a test drive today!

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