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Masaryk University Collaboration Yields First 4 3D Lessons
9 listopadu 2021   YSoft be3D
Head of Global Marketing
BE3D Academy adds four new 3D lessons – free for any educator to download. 3D lesson plans are rich resources for teaching STEAM subjects through engaging projects and 3D printing. Here we share details on the new lessons. 
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OMNI Series: Our 2021 Holiday Promotion
15 listopadu 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
We love the holiday season, and we couldn’t think of a better way to mark the season of goodwill than with a gift from us to you. A gift that helps bring everyone closer together in the cloud, no matter where they are. Let me tell you about our special holiday promotion for OMNI Series that will ensure you start 2022 the way you plan to continue, safely and securely. Read on and find out more about the gift that keeps on giving!
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When your printing goes bump in the night - who ya gonna call?
29 října 2021   YSoft SafeQ
Last Halloween we wrote about scary print and scan security risks, but what happens when there’s something strange happening in your print environment? Who ya gonna call? We are not sure the Ghostbusters can deal with this sort of drama, so we’ll take it from here. Let us grab our proton packs and stop the spooks in their tracks.  
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