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Making 3D printing in education a reality
YSoft be3D
Senior Product Manager
In this three-part series, we look at various aspects to consider when adopting 3D printing in the classroom.
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How DX is driving real change in key industries – Part One
Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Vice President of Product Management
This is the first of a five-part blog series looking at how Digital Transformation is impacting vertical industries. This first part takes an overview of changes within four vertical industries and the associated drivers behind the changes.  
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Financial Advice: Helping Young Companies
Y Soft Ventures
Principal, Y Soft Ventures
Part of Y Soft Ventures’ value to our funded portfolio companies is offering mentoring to the founders and their leadership team. Once such area of mentoring is financial guidance.  
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Strategic Management: Helping Young Startups
Y Soft Ventures
Chief Technology Strategist
As part of its Genuine Smart Money approach to investing in young startups, providing strategic management advice is one of the many benefits received by Y Soft Ventures portfolio companies.  
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Robots, part of the Y Soft team
Y Soft Corporation
Engineering Team Lead
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used more and more to enhance and improve our lives, even save them. From robots delivering our online shopping to algorithms identifying life threatening diseases, this technology is a game-changer for every aspect of life. This article focuses on how Y Soft is using robots to benefit both our customers and our employees.  
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Complete peace of mind with Y Soft Support Services
Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Customers identify support services on a global scale and access to local experts as key criteria for choosing a partner. At Y Soft, we deliver excellent customer support and strive to provide a premier complete customer experience.
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To, co znamená tisk pro papír, znamenají procesy pro lidi
Y Soft Corporation, Y Soft Corporation
CEO, Co-Founder
YSoft Labs mění revolučním způsobem cyklus pracovně právního vztahu  
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