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The challenge of the hybrid workforce: Zoom doom, the digital detox, and the rise of print
26 července 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
The bedrock of a hybrid workforce is digital technology. Keeping staff connected and productive regardless of location has been a lifeline to so many. However, constant screen time and the rise of Zoom doom is quickly making paper, and the printed page, unlikely heroes.
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The challenge of the hybrid workforce: Cloud-based solutions that work
8 července 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
Cloud-based technology shot to fame as the world grappled with working from home and the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it’s time to look longer-term. Continuing our series on the challenges of supporting the hybrid or blended workforce, we take a look at ensuring access to reliable cloud-based printing. 
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3D Printing in Education - Curriculum Resources
7 července 2021   YSoft be3D
Head of Global Marketing
When teachers want to add 3D printing to the classroom, they need help with lesson plans. BE3D Academy provides teachers with 3D lessons that are rich in content, are easy to use and engage students with STEAM subjects. New lessons are now available.  
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YSoft SAFEQ and PrintNightmare Mitigation
6 července 2021   YSoft SafeQ
CTO, Y Soft North America
You may have heard about a security issue called “PrintNightmare” and its impact on Microsoft’s Windows Print Spooler Service. In this article we outline the issue and how to mitigate the impact when printing using YSoft SAFEQ.    
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Eight tips for greener printing
6 července 2021   YSoft SafeQ
Product Marketing Director
The United Nations marked June 5th as World Environment Day to raise awareness and encourage action to protect our environment. Here we play our part and look at printing with eight tips to consider ensuring your organization is doing what it can to curb wasteful printing.  
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Scandal 2021 – A Virtual Island Experience
22 června 2021   Y Soft Corporation
Marketing Communications Manager
Our annual offsite goes virtual – raising money for Doctors Without Borders  
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The Challenge of the Hybrid Workforce: Busy tech support
1 června 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
In this second article looking at the challenge of the hybrid workforce, let’s look at how IT teams have been impacted. As the backbone of every organization, IT technical support keeps things going, even in a global pandemic. Change doesn’t come without challenges, and IT teams have been thrown into the deep end.
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