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It’s Good to Have Your Head in the Cloud
20 května 2022   YSoft SafeQ, YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Vice President of Product Marketing
As the pandemic has seen many companies trying to find the shortest path to digital transformation, it has often been the Cloud that has enabled them to do so conveniently and securely. Although the thought of uniting your hybrid workforce under one safe print environment umbrella while still maintaining all the bells and whistles of an on-premises solution might have seemed like a pipe dream pre-COVID, here at Y Soft, we are not only enabling companies to achieve this, but also adding an extra level of security to the mix. By taking a containerized and zero-trust approach to how we treat’ data in the Cloud, the hybrid workforce can uphold the security values of their employers by mitigating the risks of the previously difficult-to-regulate home office working environment.
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Secure your authentication needs with a free 6-year product-lifetime warranty from Y Soft
2 května 2022   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
COO, Head of Manufacturing
New technology is great, but what happens when it breaks or goes wrong? We all know that a warranty offers an important safety net to provide peace of mind. But, with authentication readers, not all warranties are created equal. Read on to find out how the YSoft MFX Ultimate Reader’s, as well as all of our readers, free extended product-lifetime warranty stands out from the crowd.
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Introducing the king of authentication: YSoft MFX Ultimate Reader
5 dubna 2022   YSoft SafeQ
COO, Head of Manufacturing
Whether your workforce or users are local, global, working from home, or hybrid, maintaining security has to be your number-one priority. You don’t want just anyone gaining access to your data, buildings, machines, devices, or confidential information. Card and mobile readers are a great way to control and monitor who has access and uses what. When you can adopt a technology that can also support you as you transition to mobile authentication, you know you have all your security bases covered. With various card types, pin pads, wireless devices, and technology, there’s a lot to choose from. So how do you choose? Maybe you don’t have to…
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5 dubna 2022   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
-- YSoft MFX Ultimate Reader hits two industry firsts -- the only RFID reader on the market to combine Mobile, HID and Legic in one device; free product-lifetime warranty -- 
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Make printing a breeze for coworking spaces
9 února 2022   YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Product Marketing Director
Many coworking spaces took a hard hit when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. With the rise of the hybrid workforce, coworking spaces are once again set to become part of this model. Printing can easily become a complicated and risky minefield in such a flexible shared environment. Let’s take a look at how we can help. 
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26 ledna 2022   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
-- IDC MarketScape provides critical information for organizations to consider when evaluating print management solutions --  
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OMNI Series: Our 2021 Holiday Promotion
15 listopadu 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
We love the holiday season, and we couldn’t think of a better way to mark the season of goodwill than with a gift from us to you. A gift that helps bring everyone closer together in the cloud, no matter where they are. Let me tell you about our special holiday promotion for OMNI Series that will ensure you start 2022 the way you plan to continue, safely and securely. Read on and find out more about the gift that keeps on giving!
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