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Y Soft Announces Wouter Koelewijn as Head of New Scanning Division

New Y Soft Scanning Division Signals an Expansion to Print Management 

Y Soft, a leading enterprise office solutions provider, announced today that Wouter Koelewijn has joined Y Soft as Senior Vice President, Managing Director, of Y Soft Scanning Division. The new scanning division within Y Soft indicates the expansion of its core enterprise print management to include advanced scanning and workflow functionality.
Wouter is an outspoken advocate for simplifying scanning on MFD's (Multifunction Devices). “Today’s complicated scan menus leave users confused and therefore scanning has not become the productivity enhancer it was meant to be, said Wouter Koelewijn. “Accurate, automated scanning workflows should be as simple as making a copy and I’m pleased that Y Soft shares this view as evidenced by its easy-to-use print management solution.”

“The industry is calling for print management and document capture in a single, integrated solution,” noted Y Soft CEO and co-founder, Václav Muchna. “With Mr. Koelewijn’s extensive experience in the document capture industry, we are able to create scan workflows within YSoft SAFEQ that share the same licensing, customer support and infrastructure – the true integration that customers want.”
Prior to working with Y Soft, Mr. Koelewijn founded X-Solutions in late 2002 which was later acquired by Nuance in 2009. Prior to X-Solutions, Wouter was the CTO and co-founder of a Xerox concessionaire in the Netherlands from 1994-2002. Mr. Koelewijn is married and has two children. He enjoys skiing, swimming and sailing.

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