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Y Soft sets sights on growth in Australia and New Zealand

SYDNEY, Australia -- Y Soft, a leading enterprise office solutions provider, has achieved strong growth in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) with increasing opportunities coming from integrated printing and scanning solutions, and 3D print management solutions for education.
Adam O’Neill, managing director, Australia, Y Soft, said, “Y Soft’s growth in ANZ has been strong and we are currently looking at a revenue boost of 30 per cent year-on-year. In the last 12 months we have brought on customers such as Rawson Homes, Fiona Stanley Hospital and Public Transports of Victoria, in association with Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia, which has contributed to this result. We have also opened a new, larger office in Sydney.”
“Y Soft is looking to sustain that growth over the next 12 months by providing enterprise workflow solutions to the local market that organisations need. We are also looking at expanding our sales and consultancy team to support this business goal.”
The company has released two major offerings in the last six months including the latest version of its YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Solutions Platform and the YSoft be3D eDee print management solution for education.
YSoft SAFEQ is an integrated print management and advanced document capture solution that automates workflows to significantly improve productivity and reduce costs while increasing document security for organisations.
Adam O’Neill said, “Traditionally, organisations have had one product for print solutions and one for scanning solutions, which means there has been some overlap. This has resulted in organisations essentially paying twice for some features across both products, and making it more difficult for employees to have a seamless printing and scanning experience. The YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Solutions Platform prevents paying twice.”
YSoft be3D eDee is designed specifically for the education sector. It is the first 3D printer with print management features, and a comprehensive accounting system to manage and recover 3D printing costs.
Adam O’Neill said, “3D in education is a growing market with more and more educational institutions adopting fleets of 3D printers to help illustrate difficult concepts, enhance hands-on interactive learning, and drive class engagement. There is massive opportunity for Y Soft to provide educational institutions with a solution that is simple to manage and cost-effective.”
Y Soft offers ANZ organisations global expertise and best practice coupled with an experienced local team that can facilitate software integrations, such as the ability to scan directly into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and automatically report device usage into accounting systems.
Adam O’Neill said, “We also have the option of 24x7 support, which means there is always someone available to ensure the continuity of business-critical systems.”

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