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Y Soft Enhances 3D Printing Experience

Ease of use updates enhance education’s use of 3D printing
Y Soft Corporation, a leading enterprise office solution provider today announced new features for YSoft be3D eDee, a 3D print management solution designed specifically for education.

The eDee solution is comprised of a fully-enclosed 3D printer; DeeControl – desktop software that adds 3D layering information to a 3D model file; YSoft SAFEQ Print Management software; filament and accessories. As a solution designed for education, eDee’s safety and ease of use are attractive to schools, especially those with a varied range of student ages.

New features include expanded language support for DeeControl. In addition to English and Czech, DeeControl is now available in Danish, Norwegian and Spanish for both Windows and Mac versions. DeeControl is available as a free download on the company’s website.

When using the eDee 3D printer, students are now notified if the 3D printer’s filament supply is not enough for the intended print job. 3D printing, depending on the size and complexity of the model, may take hours to print and the amount of filament used can vary.

Knowing in advance if the printer has enough filament will prevent the job being paused part way through printing and gives the student the option to either replace the filament spool or use another eDee 3D printer. The school’s 3D printer administrator can receive a notification if a job has started that will not finish due to an insufficient filament amount. This new feature, Software Filament Counter, is available for new eDee printers and existing eDee printers through a free firmware update.

Y Soft also released a video (see below) containing testimonials from teachers and students. In the video, teachers discuss how 3D printing provides a unique learning experience, valuable skills and the importance of ease of use and safety when choosing eDee; students talk about what they are able to achieve. The video is available in Czech with English subtitles.


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