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Y Soft Supports Teacher Education by Providing printing Services in the Regional Centers of Elixír

-- Cooperating with Elixír do škol, to evangelize technical know-how about 3D printing--
Y Soft Corporation today announced at the Prague Education Festival, a partnership with Elixír do škol. The joint program provides services and management of 3D printing in almost 30 education centers across Czech schools. Y Soft is donating two YSoft be3D eDee printers to each center, and in addition to filament delivery, Y Soft will assure the full support for installation and maintenance of the equipment.

“We are extremely pleased with our partnership with Y Soft. Teachers in our network have a unique opportunity to use secure 3D printers with students in their classrooms. We believe that this step together opens up further opportunities for implementing and validating innovative teaching methods in our schools. The mission of Elixír is to create conditions for teachers for meaningful teaching of physics and the use of digital technologies in teaching and cooperation with Y Soft helps us fulfill the mission,” says Petra Prošková, director Elixír do škol, z. ú..

Education of teachers in 3D printing

As part of a partnership agreement, Y Soft specialists will ensure that teachers are trained to operate the 3D printing solution. Also announced at the conference was be3D Academy, an online collection of 3D resources and lesson plans designed to make it easy to teach in 3D. be3D Academy is now available to educators as an additional part of YSoft be3D eDee.

"We believe that by conducting joint workshops, presenting best practices examples of teachers from centers at events for other teachers, and providing our experience and background from the use of 3D printing at schools, we will greatly contribute to further developing not only technical education in the Czech Republic,” explained Petr Šťastný, Senior Product Manager 3DP Y Soft.

3D Printers in the classroom – Why?

Experts agree that the presence of 3D printing in the classroom engages students and makes difficult subjects easier to understand. Lessons taught with 3D printing come alive and keep students interested. Hands-on learning is a powerful teaching technique.

3D printing can play an essential part in a student’s career choice. 3D printing opens up new opportunities in areas that students may previously have considered as uninteresting or beyond their capability. They are empowered to choose how they want to make a difference in the world. In particular, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects can translate into interest in careers that may not even exist yet.

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