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YSoft SafeQ Now Provides Secure Printing from SAP

YSoft SafeQ integration with SAP ensures accountability and increased document security

Y Soft, a leading enterprise office solution provider, announced today that its flagship product, YSoft SafeQ, can be integrated with SAP, a leading enterprise resource planning solution.  

When integrated with SAP, business documents are processed through YSoft SafeQ’s secure print queues, and users pick up their documents after authenticating themselves at any YSoft SafeQ equipped printer in the company’s network. This makes documents more secure as they are not left exposed in the print output tray; the prints only process when the user is at the printer. YSoft SAFEQ can also handle batch printing from SAP, and documents are printed in the original order. Direct print queues can also be supported. 

In addition, with YSoft SafeQ’s robust reporting, businesses can account for prints originating from SAP as they strive to reduce costs and look for ways to reduce unnecessary waste and improve their sustainability efforts. Reporting also provides accountability for print activity within the SAP application. 

Y Soft offers three levels of integration between YSoft SAFEQ and SAP. The initial two levels can be performed by Y Soft partner resellers and an organization’s SAP administrator.
Y Soft's professional services team provides deeper integration for advanced functionality through the company's available extensions and integrations.

All the available extensions and integrations that add additional print management and document capture value to a business can be viewed on the newly available YSoft SAFEQ Extensions and Integrations webpage.This list of extensions and integrations previously visible only to partners via the Y Soft Partner Portal, can now be accessed by potential and existing customers on the company's website, These extensions and integrations allow Y Soft and Y Soft partner resellers to design a solution for customers specific needs.

Czech Post, the state provider of postal and related support services for all Czech citizens, uses YSoft SAFEQ to manage their print services for nearly 30,000 employees centrally. As an SAP user, they wished to route their SAP printing through YSoft SAFEQ to account for all printing throughout their organizational units. With the integration between YSoft SAFEQ and SAP, they can now automatically process print jobs securely and streamline the transfer of print job data over their network. Additionally, SAP users can view the status of their print job directly in the SAP NetWeaver interface. Read about Czech Posts’ use of YSoft SAFEQ integrated with SAP.  

“SAP is the standard in ERP systems, and YSoft SafeQ is the standard for enterprise printing. Customers want these two leading products to work seamlessly together,” said Matej Štefaník, VP of Product Marketing, Y Soft. “Our teams worked with customers like Czech Post to ensure the integration was smooth for users and provided the security and accountability that businesses desire.” 

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