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-- Solution instantly and cost-effectively connects in-market printers to the Cloud --
Y Soft, the leading enterprise workflow solutions provider, today announced the general availability of YSoft OMNI Series®, which connects any in-market network printer or multifunction printer[1] to the cloud instantly and cost-effectively by leveraging the Universal Print feature in Microsoft 365. The company announced that OMNI Series is available directly to businesses through its e-Shop and is offering an introductory discount.
YSoft OMNI Series consists of YSoft OMNI Bridge®, a serverless Edge device, and YSoft OMNI Apps®, which are annual subscription services for print functionality and other applicable industries; the first OMNI App is OMNI UP365® accessing Microsoft’s Universal Print. OMNI Series eliminates the need for on-premises print servers and printer driver management, long-standing burdens on IT resources, making it an ideal solution for small and mid-size businesses. Its zero-infrastructure approach also ensures zero-trust network security, and zero IT know-how is required; cloud printing is simply available to users in seconds.
The availability of YSoft OMNI Series coincides with Microsoft's announced general availability of Universal Print, a new feature in Microsoft 365.
While new printers coming to the market will eventually have Universal Print capabilities, existing printers do not and may require costly firmware updates, if firmware updates are available at all. Y Soft developed OMNI Series in close cooperation with Microsoft to provide businesses a cost-effective way to take advantage of Universal Print now without replacing their printers.
"Our goal of printing from anywhere helps organizations with Digital Transformation by eliminating costly on-premises print infrastructure and IT resources," said Rani Abdellatif, Sr. Program Manager in charge of Universal Print connector technology, Microsoft. "With OMNI Series, Y Soft is enabling businesses to take advantage of cloud printing through Universal Print on their existing print fleets," he added.

"YSoft OMNI Series has been designed to plug and play so no IT knowledge is required, and employees can be printing in the cloud in a matter of minutes in the office or at home," said Wouter Koelewijn, Chief of Products, Y Soft. "To mark OMNI Series' general availability and to reinforce the cost savings that businesses will achieve, Y Soft is offering a limited time introductory discount on OMNI Series in the YSoft Store."

Y Soft has a 20-year history of designing and manufacturing companion hardware products for its print-management software. This experience – along with being a Microsoft Gold-certified ISV partner – makes the company uniquely qualified to offer YSoft OMNI Series as the perfect solution for Universal Print capabilities today and the future services YSoft OMNI Apps will provide.

While OMNI Series offers serverless cloud printing, YSoft SAFEQ offers full print management features, and Y Soft also announced today that Universal Print is now generally available in YSoft SAFEQ on-premises as a free connector.  YSoft SAFEQ Cloud, the company’s soon to be released cloud-based print management family of services, also plans to connect with Universal Print.

OMNI Series Availability in the YSoft Store
The YSoft Store is the company's new eShop where companies can purchase OMNI Series bundles and OMNI Apps directly from Y Soft. YSoft OMNI Series is now generally available to any U.S.-based business and additional countries will come online soon.

The company is offering a choice of three bundles; each bundle includes an OMNI Bridge and either 1, 5, or 25 packs of OMNI UP365 1-year subscriptions ranging in price from $275.00 to $720.00 USD. Individual OMNI UP365 packs are also available in either 1, 5, or 25 packs and range from $30.00 to $475.00. A 50% introductory discount is automatically applied at checkout for the first two of any individual OMNI Series bundle or individual OMNI UP365 pack items.
[1] Printers should be IPP-enabled and PDF compatible

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