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Y Soft among the best and brightest innovators, leaders, and trendsetters in EdTech!

Y Soft, the leading enterprise workflow solutions provider, announced that EDTech named YSoft BE3D Academy a finalist in the EdTech Cool Tool Awards category in The EdTech Awards 2021. 

Finalists and winners for The EdTech Awards 2021 were announced to a worldwide audience of educators, technologists, students, parents, and policymakers interested in building a better future for learners and leaders in the education and workforce sectors.

YSoft BE3D Academy is an online library of 3D lesson plans, video tutorials, and ready-to-use model files developed by educators to help illustrate complex concepts and enhance hands-on learning for STEAM subjects through 3D printing.  

With a growing number of 3D lesson plans, BE3D Academy makes learning fun with tangible 3D models that students create. These lessons cover a range of relevant STEAM related topics and integrate 3D printing into the classroom with challenging projects. With its comprehensive lesson plans, guides, videos, models, and presentations, BE3D Academy provides everything a teacher needs to start teaching in the classroom or for remote learning. 
“We are honored to have BE3D Academy named one of the finalists in the EdTech Awards 2021,” said Elke Heiss, Chief Marketing Officer at Y Soft. “Our team has worked tirelessly to have our 3D lesson plans certified by ITSE deliver a rich set of resources designed to help teachers save time & increase student engagement either in the classroom or remotely”
Y Soft developed BE3D Academy in response to educators using our YSoft BE3D eDee 3D printing solution  who needed assistance developing lesson plans that incorporated 3D printing. eDee is a desktop 3D printer designed for educators as a safe and easy to use 3D printing solution.

YSoft BE3D Academy is free to browse and use. Registration is required to access the free lesson plans, and access to the premium lesson plans is exclusively for YSoft BE3D eDee customers. Y Soft offers an affordable education-focused EDU bundle that includes everything a school needs to start leveraging 3D printing in their classrooms, including eDee and BE3D Academy.

The worldwide pandemic put education and training to the test, but remote learning and working in many unexpected ways ultimately brought us closer, said Victor Rivero, who as Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest, oversees the program.


About the EdTech Awards 

The EdTech Awards recognizes people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

Featuring edtech’s best and brightest, the annual program shines a spotlight on cool tools, inspiring leaders and innovative trendsetters across the K-12, Higher Education, and Skills and Workforce sectors. 

The EdTech Awards recognize people—and the products they produce and lives they shape— with three main honors:  

  • The EdTech Cool Tool Awards 
  • The EdTech Leadership Awards, and  
  • The EdTech Trendsetter Awards.  

This year’s finalists and winners can be found here.  

The EdTech Awards were established in 2010 to recognize, acknowledge, and celebrate the most exceptional innovators, leaders, and trendsetters in education technology.  

This year’s finalists and winners were narrowed from the larger field and judged based on various criteria, including: pedagogical workability, efficacy and results, support, clarity, value and potential.   

Further information about The EdTech Awards is available here: 

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