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The YSoft SAFEQ Universal Print Connector ensures customers can benefit from new Universal Print features in Microsoft 365
Y Soft, the leading enterprise workflow solutions provider, today announced the general availability of the YSoft SAFEQ Universal Print connector, an integration with the latest Microsoft 365 cloud printing feature. SAFEQ customers can now connect their printers to Universal Print within their SAFEQ print management environment. YSoft SAFEQ Cloud, the company’s soon to be released cloud-based print management family of services, also plans to connect with Universal Print.

The YSoft SAFEQ integration with Universal Print is offered as a connector enabling organizations to move print servers to the cloud and to manage print queues through their Microsoft 365 subscription.

"When we started working with Microsoft on this connector, we immediately recognized the benefits that Universal Print integrated with YSoft SAFEQ would bring in managing a single cloud-based, secure print queue. It enhances our existing solution while keeping all the benefits our customers already expect from SAFEQ,” said Matthew Wrighton, product marketing director, at Y Soft.

YSoft SAFEQ with the Universal Print connector is ideal for multi-vendor environments, as many offices are today. Whether the office runs Windows (with or without Universal Print), Linux, macOS, or Chrome OS, YSoft SAFEQ supports these platforms.

“YSoft SAFEQ is well known globally as a secure print management solution. Microsoft is excited to see that SAFEQ is supporting Universal Print with an elegant integration,” said Rani Abdellatif, Sr. Program Manager in charge of Universal Print connector technology, at Microsoft.

The YSoft SAFEQ Universal Print connector is available as a free option to all existing YSoft SAFEQ 6 customers. Customers can contact a Y Soft regional sales manager, their certified Y Soft partner or visit our website at
[1] IPP-enabled and PDF-compatible printers

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