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3D Print Fashion Show/Fashion.stl

La Frabrika, Prague
Join be3D at the 3D Print Fashion show where fashion designers, designers and engineers come together to show what is possible using 3D print technology in the fashion industry. In this virtual fashion show entrants will showcase their designs and discuss how 3D technology made it possible.
Be3D is participating as a technical consultant for the project. Helping designer Monika Vaverova achieve her goal to develop costumes using 3D printing technology, Be3D’s creative team took part in design development, modeling and testing of all 3D printed pieces. With Be3D’s assistance, the project is feasible and Be3D is able to optimize the parts for easier and more efficient 3D printing. The images below are a sample of work done to go from design creation to actual assembly of a finished costume.
The team working on this project: Monkia Vaverova, Martin Žampach and Tomas Kubata