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Say goodbye to analog fax and hello to YSoft SAFEQ Digital Fax!

Fax is dead – long live fax! Like it or not, faxing is still an essential part of everyday business. You may not realize how much time and effort you spend on maintaining standalone analog fax machines or on fax kits for each of your multifunction printers. 

It’s time to ditch analog and go digital. You’ll not only enjoy cost savings, reduce IT headaches and improve document security, you’ll be providing a modern digital experience for today’s modern workforce. For those who need to provide audit trails for regulatory compliances, digital fax can help you in that area too. 

In this webinar, we outlined: 

  • The pain points of traditional faxing 
  • The benefits of digital faxing with YSoft SAFEQ Digital Fax 
  • The cost savings and return on investment 
  • And much more