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Webinar: Contactless printing is here

With user safety and document security at an all-time high, the new YSoft MFX Mobile Reader can help mitigate COVID-19 spread by using a mobile phone to securely authenticate and release print jobs. Contactless printing is truly here. 

In this webinar, we introduced our new YSoft MFX Mobile Reader. 

The newest member of our USB Reader family, the MFX Mobile Reader provides secure, accurate, and convenient identity verification. It accurately verifies user’s credentials from their mobile phone to print all the jobs in their print queue, eliminating the need to touch the networked printer and reducing the number of times the printer must be wiped down per day.  

In this webinar we covered how the new MFX Mobile Reader: 

  • Enhances security  
  • Mitigates COVID risk  
  • Protects personal data  
  • Is cost effective (compared to biometrics)  
  • Increases productivity & efficiency