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Say hello to AIVA, your new AI colleague!

AIVA Automation & Robotics

YSoft AIVA is a family of automation tools, including robotics, cameras, sensors and software working in tandem. The system completes pre-defined or ad-hoc testing, configuration, and improvement workflows—autonomously and from anywhere.

Why AIVA is Your Ideal Colleague

Having AIVA on your team means enabled remote access and automation in scenarios where manual work and traveling were otherwise necessary to operate embedded systems and hardware products that are difficult to transport or unable to be controlled by software alone. 

AIVA is a flexible co-worker with skills that’ll prove useful in a variety of projects. Let’s look at some scenarios where she'll shine:

Instead of leveraging a Cobot (Collaborative Robot) and an on-site technician to perform pre-programmed operations for device testing and configuration, AIVA can work autonomously or with remote access for technicians in scenarios where automation isn’t suitable.
Do you have an expensive hardware resource that is sitting unutilized a lot of the time? Or do you need to facilitate access to that resource for employees from all over the world? With AIVA’s web interface, you can rent out expensive hardware to customers remotely without them needing physical access to the equipment.
DevOps has been a domain mainly focused on software. AIVA enables DevOps activity (provisioning, configuration management, logging, QA) even for hardware products and embedded applications.
AIVA enables the automation of various testing related to the quality of hardware and embedded applications. This quality assurance automation system is viable for on-site and remote testing of various products and even extends to the quality control of parts supplied by outsourcing companies. With AIVA, you can perform tests repeatedly for every integration.
Sometimes multiple people or teams in different locations need to utilize the same hardware resource. With AIVA, the teams can share the same resource, reducing costs on transport or the purchasing of multiple units. This also empowers collaborations within teams.
When you sell hardware products or embedded applications, demos and training are crucial. Instead of having to conduct all training on-site (which is challenging and expensive) or face hold-ups due to proximity and schedules for demos, AIVA enables you to perform demos and customer training remotely.

AIVA has a lot to offer, and these are just some of the use cases for the autonomous testing system. Do you have a different project that needs the same functions and abilities? Make sure to reach out to us and we’re happy to share with you how AIVA can help! 

Knowing why she’s a fit for virtually any learning, leasing, or testing experience, let’s check out what makes AIVA special.

welcome aiva to your team

Think of AIVA as your new colleague, quick on her ‘toes’ and eager to become part of the development ecosystem. AIVA will handle all your manual, tedious, and gruelling work—so you can focus on the more creative and innovative side of things. Here’s AIVA’s resume:
88% of companies plan to invest in robotic capabilities. This number increases as hybrid workforce models are normalized, complicating on-site product testing workflows. Perform quality and user experience tests remotely without needing physical access to equipment using the AIVA web interface.
AIVA independently interacts with screens and buttons using advanced point, click, and  
swipe interaction features. This makes it easy for the robotic automation system to interact with anything from a car infotainment system or a multifunction printer display, to hospital bedside equipment.
Instead of following coordinates, with the help of machine learning (ML), the AIVA system navigates intuitively with computer vision and understands visual structures. As a no-code platform, YSoft AIVA is designed to automate device testing and interaction for virtually any embedded system and mobile device.
Our AIVA robotic solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing tooling through easy-to-use APIs. That means you won’t have to be dependent on IT to help integrate AIVA into your continuous delivery pipelines and continuously test for user experience improvements of your products.
AIVA can interact with a surface on a touch screen or capacitive/mechanical buttons with the help of tactile interaction and haptic input. The software processes video and data streams from cameras and sensors to analyze and understand the user interface.
YSoft AIVA works around the clock to reduce human error, particularly around work requiring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards. This “extra employee” ensures durable, fast-paced, and accurate testing of system snappiness, product quality, device configuration, and much more.

A Hardware & Software Solution

AIVA is a platform — a complete hardware and software ecosystem — that allows businesses, regardless of industry, to automate the testing and device interaction of almost any embedded system and mobile device. The technology platform consists of three products: AIVA Test, Automate and Control.

AIVA offers accelerated product time-to-market by enabling an efficient and automated testing loop that lets businesses discover the root causes of issues, implement changes, and test those changes faster. The AIVA system sees your products, devices, and apps the same way an end-user would, in an end-to-end fashion. This allows the system to replicate user behavior and test the device responsiveness and the quality of your application in one go.


Robotic Automation to Lend a Hand

Automation is reaching more companies, imperiling some jobs but changing the nature of more. Collaboration between robots and humans is here to stay. With a robotic ecosystem to handle the nuisance of repetitive and exhaustive tasks, AIVA enables the people in teams to leverage their human potential by focusing on collaboration, problem-solving, and innovative thinking.

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Rather than replacing humans, Y Soft’s system for artificial intelligence in software testing exists to complement their capabilities and handle the exhaustive work. This helps improve employee morale and reduce worker shortages as your team can focus on the strategic work that matters.


A One-Way Ticket from YSoft Labs to Customers

Wondering what got us started with AI and automated user experience testing? The origin story dates to 2013. One of our customers experienced issues with print devices freezing up. With an experiment, we learned that the freeze happened due to a bug in the device which activated the freeze with every 1000th card swipe. Insane, right? 

Without the experiment, the way to troubleshoot the issue would have been with an exhaustive spreadsheet project. This is how the idea for AIVA was born. AIVA was since established as an incubated project in Y Soft Labs in 2014, along with a group of students. The solution was meant to explore internal possibilities to automate the testing of multi-function printer apps. 

After discovering the limitations of existing solutions, we decided to create a robotic testing system with the ability to execute manual tests. Since then, we have been successfully using this technology for device testing, and as of 2022, AIVA DevOps automation tools are fully available to our customers as stand-alone or a system. AIVA has become an employee we’d happily recommend.

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