Y Soft’s Cloud-First Journey - Join Us

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Y Soft’s Cloud-First Journey - Join Us
The trend is clear. Both SMB and large enterprises are shifting to a cloud-first (and for some, a cloud-only) approach to their business needs, including print services infrastructure. In fact, in a recent survey of SMB businesses, 93% are already using Cloud services and 58% consider the cloud important for Print Management.

The cloud enables companies of any size to consume business applications as a monthly or yearly service. This is financially attractive as it reduces, or eliminates altogether, the IT burden of building and maintaining infrastructure to support business processes – like print infrastructure. Large businesses can reallocate IT resources to higher value projects, and small/medium businesses do not have to employ IT staff, outsourcing the function altogether.

We view this shift as a very smart approach

It is why, with YSoft SafeQ 6 introduced in 2016, we fully re-architected our flagship product. Call us visionaries, but we saw this coming since we already support customers with private cloud and a combination of cloud and on-premise.

The first step in the Journey

As a YSoft Labs project, YSoft SafeQEdge Core (beta) for SMB, offers hosted public cloud print infrastructure with print management services. It’s Cloud-based Print Management in a Box, ready to go.

Software as a Service (SaaS) for SMB – what’s next

Read on to see what else we are thinking about and working on in YSoft Labs.
  • Online Self-service Portal
    Allowing users to self-register their ID badge with no IT assistance. Businesses can manage their users without needing IT or 3rd party support.
  • Additional Edge Devices
    Additional YSoft SafeQube models, virtual appliances, certified third-party hardware and even capable multifunction devices (MFDs) can also serve as the edge device.
  • Additional Print Management Features
    • Mobile print support
    • Automated Scan Workflows
    • Rules-based features to enforce cost reducing printing
    • Pay-to-print services
    • 3D print management
  • Additional Cloud Platforms
    Today, the YSoft SafeQEdge Core service is provided on the Microsoft® Azure Cloud platform. Additional cloud platforms, such as AWS®, Google® Cloud Print and Alibaba® Cloud, can be supported.

Software-as-a-Service for the Enterprise - Future Plans

Larger enterprises also want to take advantage of cloud-first print management. In addition to scaling to handle edge job processing for 100’s or 1000’s of print devices, a cloud-first print management service needs to be able to support large businesses that have multiple locations.  

Once again, this is where the flexible and scalable Y Soft Workflow Solutions Platform and building block architecture gives customers a huge advantage.

Public, Private and on-Premise mix
The YSoft Workflow Solutions Platform is the most flexible platform for print management. With its building block architecture approach, a business can choose the deployment option that works best for their business.

For small, remote offices, YSoft SafeQEdge Core can serve users through a cloud hosted option. For headquarters and larger remote offices, YSoft SafeQ can be used either on a private Cloud/datacenter, on-premise or a combination of the two. In this way, a business can mix Cloud deployment choices all with a common user experience.

We are not stopping there

There’s more to our Cloud-first journey. For more information, contact your local Y Soft representative and join us on our cloud-first journey to building better business.

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