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SMB survey results about cloud print management
The trend is clear. Both SMB and large enterprises are shifting to a cloud-first (and for some, a cloud-only) approach to their business needs, including print management and print services infrastructure. The move to the cloud is part of many company’s Digital Transformation initiatives and the recent economic environment is accelerating the move even faster. 

The cloud enables companies to consume business applications as a monthly or yearly subscription. This is financially attractive as it converts capital costs to operational costs. It also reduces, or eliminates altogether, the burden on  IT to maintain and support print services. Large businesses can reallocate IT resources to higher value projects, and small/medium businesses can enjoy an IT-free solution by outsourcing the function altogether. 
Transition from on-premises to cloud print management


Call us visionaries, but we saw this trend coming and its why we fully re-architected YSoft SAFEQ, our on-premise/private cloud solution in the mid-2000s. In doing so, we are able to easily transition to offer print management and document capture solutions as a public cloud-hosted service. Our developers now prioritize new features for our cloud-based family of products. Don’t worry, we still fully support our on-premise/private cloud solutions.  


YSoft SAFEQ Cloud is the family name for our cloud-hosted print management and print infrastructure services. Y Soft uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform as its hosting provider. 

YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro provides a reserved cloud-based print infrastructure with robust print management application features. This service is ideal for large enterprises, or for any business that desires reserved infrastructure.

YSoft SAFEQ Breeze offers a shared cloud print infrastructure with essential print management application features. This service is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations. 

YSoft SAFEQ is our on-premise print management and document capture solution. It can be deployed in an organization’s private cloud/datacenter entirely or partially on-premise/partially in the private cloud or entirely on-premises. For private cloud options, Y Soft supports deployment on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, on Amazon Web Services or on the private datacenter provider of your choice.


Cloud-based print management and print service infrastructure is financially attractive to many businesses. This is because, as a service, it is billed on a monthly/quarterly basis and converts a capital expense into a predictable operating expense. Since 2015, Y Soft has offered its software products and software support services as a subscription service, including its support and service level agreements (SLAs). 
Y Soft's cloud vision spans to Universal Print and 3D print management


  • Microsoft Universal Print
    Y Soft is partnering with Microsoft to provide a software and hardware solution integrated with Microsoft’s Universal Print. Currently, Microsoft’s Universal Print is in private preview. If you are interested in learning more, view the YSoft/Microsoft webinar recording and sign up to be contacted with more information 
  • 3D Print Management
    YSoft BE3D eDee for Education is currently available for on-premises. We plan to move the print management and 3D job processing to a cloud-based system 
  • Additional Cloud Platform Providers
    The YSoft SAFEQ Cloud family of services is currently offered on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. Other cloud platform providers, such as AWS®, Google® Cloud Platform and Alibaba® Cloud Platform can be supported 
  • Additional Edge Devices
    Additional YSoft SAFEQube models, virtual appliances, certified third-party hardware and even capable multifunction devices (MFDs) can also serve as the edge device.