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Customer Support Services

Global, world-class partner and customer care.

Your satisfaction is our #1 goal

Y Soft partner support and customer care consistently meets the highest demands from partners and customers around the world. The satisfaction of our partners and customers and the overall service level agreement compliance within the last 6 months meet a very high standard.

Customer Care around the world

Your critical business processes need to work well to keep your business humming along efficiently. When assistance is needed, you don’t want to wait until someone in another time zone wakes up. Y Soft understands this. That is why Y Soft Partner Support and Customer Care staff are located around the world, awake and working when you are, in your time zone. 

Y Soft Partner and Customer Care provides several types of services and support, including pre-sales support, post-sales support and services and trainings.

Pre-Sales Services

Y Soft Partner Support and Customer Care begin the moment we connect. From pre-sales consulting and whiteboard sessions, technical demonstrations and architectural design assistance, Y Soft consultants are on the job ensuring the solution is right for your existing infrastructure today and in the future.

Post-Sales Support and Services

Y Soft solutions are always purchased through an authorized Y Soft partner and are supported by our amazing network of partners. 

SAFEQ Solutions: Head to our SAFEQ support center for product manuals, knowledge base articles, release notes, and other helpful resources.

Partners: If you're a partner and need further support, please submit a support ticket through our Y Soft Partner Portal.

End Users: For technical support, contact your partner or contact us if you need help finding your partner.

Our support services

  • Service desk and phone support
  • On-site and remote YSoft SAFEQ installation
  • Hardware compatibility testing
  • Authentication card testing
  • Product extensions such as integration with existing systems
  • SLA (service level agreement) options

Training for Partners


Y Soft certifies its partners by offering extensive solution, technical and hardware training courses. Certified partners are required to update their training on a regular basis. Y Soft offers our partners an exclusive partner portal that includes our YSoft eUniversity for taking and maintaining their certifications on YSoft SAFEQ.

YSoft be3D Printers

Y Soft certifies partners for pre-sales, post-sales installation and operation and support services. Support for 3D printers is provided by Y Soft certified partners.

YSoft E-University

Organizations receiving support directly from Y Soft are also required to complete their training through YSoft eUniversity. Courses are offered online or instructor led and in-person.

We are here to support you

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