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Redefining print management
Learn how Fortune 1,000 and SMBs are reducing costs, improving document security and workflow efficiencies, while positively contributing to sustainability and environmental goals.
3D printing with ease and high-quality
be3D is revolutionizing the entry and mid-level 3D printing market. Our 3D printers provide a simple, reliable, safe, high-quality and auto-calibrating solution, using plastic filament, that saves time, reduces prototyping costs and enhances 3D printing productivity. The perfect fit for large industrial enterprises and small to mid-sized firms.
Y Soft provides intelligent enterprise office solutions that build smart business
and allow employees to be more productive and creative.

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Y Soft: Build Smart Business
Y Soft enables businesses to run smarter by providing intelligent and productive enterprise office solutions. With offices located around the world and through our growing, global network of partners, we offer technology solutions and support to large enterprises and SMBs.
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Y Soft articles

Y Soft Awards: Winners Announced
Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Last year, Y Soft introduced the Y Soft Awards -- a series of awards for our Y Soft Partner community. At a recent Y Soft partner event, the winners were announced and presented their awards.
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Y Soft press releases

Y Soft Ventures Delivers on its “Genuinely Smart Money” Promise
-- In Addition to Funding, Y Soft Ventures Offers Startups Manufacturing and Other Business Processes --

Y Soft Ventures, the venture capital arm of Y Soft Corporation, announced today that Sewio Networks, one of its portfolio investment companies, is benefiting from its “Genuinely Smart Money” approach to investing. The Genuinely Smart Money approach promises to provide portfolio startups with mentoring and business expertise from Y Soft in addition to investment funds.

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Y Soft events

What is print management and what are the factors driving customers to adopt it as part of an MPS implementation? In this presentation, Y Soft describes the challenges print management can solve. 
Online webinar
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