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YSoft Labs

YSoft Labs

YSoft Labs was created as an innovation center for enterprise office solutions – a way for our research and development teams to experiment with novel technologies and test new product and service concepts.

For almost 15 years, Y Soft has provided enterprise office solutions to organizations and institutions around the world. Starting with print management software and hardware, and later with 3D printer solutions, we have worked with some of the world’s largest companies in finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, education and energy.

And yet, we still feel like a young startup with a vision of
creating new solutions to help companies build smart business.

Building on our commitment to reinvest half of our profits in R&D-related activities, YSoft Labs will enable us to continue to innovate on our current products while taking advantage of new technology areas.

Y Soft’s research and development is based in Prague and Brno, Czech Republic. YSoft Labs is working closely with R&D to actively recruit and build software and hardware teams along with product, logistics and manufacturing managers to help us create and deliver new products and services.

Internet of Things

Already incorporated in Y Soft products today, this area will further explore the application possibilities an IoT platform approach brings due to features such as managed deployment, monitoring and configuration and easy development of IoT applications. As an example of the potential of this area, YSoft Labs created a pair of robots to simulate the testing of new software features on multifunction printers.

We envision a platform, a complete hardware and software ecosystem, which can support products and services in retail, cities, factories and vehicles to name a few. With our software expertise and hardware manufacturing know-how, we believe we are well positioned to take advantage of the exploding Internet of Things market.

Business Process Management

Increasingly, organizations – especially knowledge-based organizations – are challenged with standardizing processes to remain creative and productive. Too often, fast growing companies lose their innovative edge because employees spend more time searching how to do things instead of doing them. At the same time, company management worries about losing talent due to dissatisfaction with inflexible processes and rules. Today’s BPM solutions are cumbersome and time-consuming and ultimately don’t serve the organization as intended.

YSoft Labs looks at business process management through a social and collaborative lens - how companies can innovate on their business processes through smart analytics, social collaboration, communication and education.

3D Printers and Workflows

3D printing is over 20 years old. But only recently has its adoption exploded. With an initial focus in education and manufacturing, YSoft Labs will build upon its current 3D printer family with new 3D printing solutions. Whether it is new 3D models exploring new print materials, faster printing or advances in the software that drives the printing process, this is an exciting area still in its infancy. With our experience in 2D (paper) printing workflows and our 3D printer manufacturing know-how, new ideas and the ability to explore them are what these teams will focus on.

Future of Print Management

Our flagship product, YSoft SafeQ, has been called THE standard in print services and with every new version we continue to add new innovations that meet the demands of our customers. Some say we are able to address their needs in ways they hadn’t dreamed could be done.

Print management and document capture is at the heart of any organization. We believe that print serves as a foundation for many organizations; other organizations desire to become more digital with workflows that capture, process and store documents that can be shared on-premise or in the cloud.

New innovations in this area are an important part of YSoft Labs. Our customers rely on YSoft SafeQ for its ability to reduce costs, increase document security and improve productivity. They stay with us for its innovation, stability and great user experience. We value the trust that organizations place in us when choosing us as their print management and document capture choice and are dedicated to developing new innovations and expanding SafeQ’s capabilities.

Document Capture

Y Soft partners play an important part in the success of YSoft Labs. Our business model is based on indirect sales through a global network of OEM, reseller and dealer partners. Through YSoft Labs, we are able to share ideas and possible directions with our partner community for feedback and insights. For our partners, YSoft Labs offers potential new opportunities for expanding their business.