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YSoft Labs

YSoft Labs is an internal innovation center for enterprise office solutions – where our research and development teams experiment with novel technologies and test new product and service concepts.
For more than 18 years, Y Soft has provided enterprise office solutions to organizations and institutions around the world. Initially through print management software and hardware and progressing to automated scan workflows and 3D print management solutions, our innovations are used by the world’s largest and leading companies in finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, education and energy.
And yet, we still feel like a young and agile startup with a vision of helping companies and businesses work smarter.
Our commitment to reinvesting half our profits into R&D-related activities enables us to continue innovating and refining our current products while investigating innovative technology areas.

Y Soft’s R&D is based in Prague and Brno – among the Czech Republic’s most vibrant cities – and most recently, we expanded with an R&D office in Ostrava. Moreover, YSoft Labs works closely with R&D to actively recruit and build software and hardware teams, along with product, logistics and manufacturing managers, to help us create and deliver visionary products and services.


The Future of Print Management and Document Capture

Our flagship platform product, YSoft SAFEQ, sets the standard in print and document capture services and with each new version it’s enhanced by innovations that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Given that our customers trust our ability to reduce costs, increase document and overall data security and improve productivity, innovations within this area are a critical part of YSoft Labs’ remit.

Anticipating the desire to utilize cloud and edge computing to reduce a company’s IT burden, an important YSoft Labs project is the development of a hosted print management service. YSoft SAFEQEdge Core will be offered, by invitation only, to SMBs as a beta project.
Read more about our cloud-first strategy.

Document capture and print management keep an organization agile. Additionally, digitalization is increasingly affording powerfully efficient workflow possibilities allowing seamless capture, processing and delivery/storing of documents. We are exploring additional OCR and document mining technologies. Beyond innovation, stability and a rewarding user experience are mainstays we always respect.

3D Printers and 3D Print Management

3D printing may be over 20 years old, but it has only recently become near mainstream. Initially focusing on the education sector, YSoft Labs is building upon timely and comprehensive 3D printer/print management solutions. These encompass new 3D printers, exploring new print materials and technology, and optimizing software and processes.
This is a particularly exciting area still in its infancy, and our broad experience in 2D (paper) printing workflows combined with our 3D printer manufacturing know-how, are relentlessly generating new ideas and possibilities.


In the current employee recruitment climate, new hires are frequently brought into your teams with little to no real face time and training. This leads to disconnection, confusion, and a sense of not belonging, which can all too often result in new staff leaving before completing their trial period. This is something we're working to prevent with YSoft Clerbo.

As pre- and on-boarding content is automatically generated and accessible to workers, no matter where they are or the device they are using, new team members immediately know what their next steps are and when they should be taken. With Clerbo, you can ensure your new hires are productive from day one and your HR processes are more efficient and consistent.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Already incorporated within today’s Y Soft products, we’re exploring additional possibilities an Internet of Things (IoT) platform approach affords.  As an example of this exciting frontier’s potential, YSoft Labs has created robots to simulate the testing of new software features on multifunction printers and mobile devices.

Given the flexible and efficient deployment, configuration and development of IoT applications, we envision a platform - a complete hardware and software ecosystem - serving products and services within retail, cities, factories and vehicles; to name a few. Leveraging our software expertise and hardware manufacturing know-how, we are optimally positioned to both harness and realize the transformative potential of IoT.

YSoft Labs and Partners

Y Soft partners play a crucial part in the continuing success of YSoft Labs. Our business model is based on indirect sales through a global network of OEM, reseller and dealer partners. Through YSoft Labs, we share and exchange ideas and possible directions with our partner community for feedback and insights. Ultimately, YSoft Labs affords our partners mutually beneficial opportunities for expanding their business and services.