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Simplify your Print Experience with YSoft SAFEQ Terminals

YSoft SAFEQ terminals, essential for print, scan, copy, and fax functions, integrate seamlessly with printers through Embedded Terminals, with external options available when needed.

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Print Terminals

Seamless print device integration

ysoft icon_circle_positive_Reporting Browser-Based Interface

Our modern, web-based interface offers a fast, intuitive experience for users and admins.

Manage your prints, copies, and scans directly at the MFD

Embedded Terminals

The YSoft SAFEQ Embedded Terminal is a software-based terminal integrated into the multifunction device (MFD) and utilizes the MFD’s printer control panel for user input.

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Hook Your System Up to SAFEQ with an External Terminal

External Terminals

In rare cases where the embedded terminal is not an option, we offer a secondary way to access SAFEQ solutions with an external terminal.

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