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Safe Authentication with Multipurpose Devices

Take advantage of secure and convenient mobile authentication with YSoft MFX Mobile.

Card Readers

Seamless authentication through your mobile device

YSoft MFX Mobile brings all the best features of the MFX reader series into a portable future. Simply put your phone in front of the reader and authenticate in a single point of contact.

Two-factor Authentication in the Users Hand

Two-factor authentication is achieved by combining the user’s encrypted credentials in the app with the phone’s inherent PIN or biometric authentication setup. Even if a phone is lost or stolen, it cannot be used to access your networked printers.

MFX Mobile Reader Capabilities

Avoid Disease Spreading with Contactless Printing

Ensure your office remains contamination-free. Enable SAFEQ to release print jobs upon authentication through a simple wave of a phone (using Bluetooth or NFC), eliminating the need for physical contact with the printer.

contactless printing

Reliable and Versatile Mobile and Card Reader

Our robotic testing proves the MFX Mobile Reader to be the most reliable on the market. It is versatile because it can read a user’s credentials from their mobile phone and an ID badge, supporting hundreds of different card technologies.
How mobile and card reader work