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Y Soft Manufacturing: Where it All Begins

From YSoft Labs to our manufacturing facilities, this is where future office technology takes shape. We build the road to your IT transformation. 

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Key Benefits

At Y Soft, our hardware manufacturing and logistical know-how are key differentiators. They go beyond hardware solutions developed for YSoft SAFEQ.

efficient hardware delivery

Efficient Hardware Delivery

As our customer's organization grows, additional card readers and external terminals are needed quickly.
With warehouses in Singapore, Dallas, Texas, and the Czech Republic, customers receive orders quickly, usually within 2 business days.

Your One-Stop Shop for Hardware and Software

Working with multiple vendors to patch together a solution is time-consuming for customers, and components may not work well together.
Y Soft develops, tests, and manufactures all hardware products. Customers are assured the entire solution works as expected. Made in the EU with pride.
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Growth Potential

Smart companies have an eye on future growth but predicting where the growth will be is hard.
With a new, expanded facility in 2017, the capacity exists for Y Soft’s current products, YSoft Labs, and Y Soft Venture's portfolio companies. Y Soft is leading the way for Brno, Czech Republic, to become a hardware manufacturing hub for IoT.

Innovation Potential

As Y Soft grows, new technology investments are being made. Our manufacturing teams support internal and external customers.
YSoft Labs teams create, test, and manufacture hardware to support their projects in AI, robotics, and the Internet of Things. Y Soft Venture's portfolio companies use Y Soft manufacturing for their new innovations and knowledge and new ideas are incorporated.

Manufacturing at Y Soft

Y Soft’s manufacturing facilities have state-of-the-art equipment tied into data collection systems to help us improve our processes and deliver hardware that organizations can depend on.

Leverage Tomorrow's Innovation Today

YSoft Labs: Innovation Hub

Looking for an innovative hardware supplier? YSoft Labs is an internal innovation center for enterprise and SMB office solutions, where our R&D teams continuously experiment with novel technologies and test new product and service concepts.

innovation hub

Explore Our
Hardware Solutions

Discover our range of hardware solutions designed to boost security, efficiency, and user experience in print and document management and revolutionize your workspace.

ysoft icon_circle_positive_User at PrinterYSoft SAFEQ Terminals

Print terminals are key to user authentication, security, and print/copy/scan job management. All YSoft SAFEQ terminals are designed, manufactured, and tested before they leave our premises.

  • YSoft SAFEQ Terminal Pro 4
  • YSoft SAFEQ Terminal Ultralight


ysoft icon_circle_positive_USB Card Reader 3 MFXYSoft Contact Readers

Our range of contact readers makes it easy for users to authenticate at a multifunction device, a networked printer, or a YSoft 3D printer in one motion (swipe or wave).
  • Verifies user identity
  • Authentication cards
  • Technical specifications
  • Compatible with mobile


ysoft icon_circle_positive_3D Print3D Printer

The YSoft BE3D eDee 3D printer is safe, secure, and the perfect size for any space. Lockable doors and a retractable control panel enhance the printer's design and functionality, making it perfect for schools and universities.
  • Secure access to the printer
  • Lockable door
  • Designed for student safety


ysoft icon_circle_positive_OMNI BridgeYSoft OMNI Bridge

The OMNI Bridge™ edge device and its distributed architecture help you connect your legacy MFDs to the cloud. It can also be combined with the MFX reader range to provide secure remote printing and extend customers’ capabilities.

  • The size of a router 
  • Does the work of a print server 
  • Can connect networked printers to the Cloud 
  • Supports emergency printing for business continuity