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YSoft MFX Mobile Reader

Secure, convenient mobile authentication for YSoft SAFEQ.

The most reliable USB Reader on the market is now mobile 

With the new MFX Mobile Reader, secure and accurate authentication is achieved through a mobile app. The YSoft Mobile Connect app, (iOS or Android) is free to download and easy to use. After a user enters their unique credentials, they are encrypted and stored safely on the user’s smartphone. 

Two-factor Authentication in the user’s hand 

With the user’s encrypted credentials in the app and the phone’s inherent PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition, two-factor authentication is achieved. Even if the user’s phone is lost or stolen, it cannot be used to access your networked printers.

Contactless Printing – in the age of COVID-19 

Keeping employees safe has never been more important. When you set YSoft SAFEQ to print all jobs upon authentication, your staff never need to touch the printer at all.  

Through Bluetooth on iOS and Bluetooth and NFC on Android, users simply wave their phone near the reader to release their print jobs. Pick up and go. 

Reliable and Versatile – Mobile and Card Reader 

The MFX Mobile Reader is proven to be the most reliable on the market. Our robotic testing proves it. And, it is versatile because it can read a user’s credentials from their mobile phone and an ID badge, supporting 100’s of different card technologies. 

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