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Includes migration from Google Cloud Print.
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Diagram showing SAFEQ and Google Chrome Print

Google Chrome Printing with the YSoft SAFEQ extension

With the YSoft SAFEQ Google Chrome Print extension, employees and students can print from any Chrome browser safely and with ease. Centralized print management from YSoft SAFEQ means print jobs submitted from the Chrome browser are accounted for reliably. All desktop OS platforms that support a Chrome browser are covered, even when used in a mixed OS environment.

The SAFEQ Google Chrome Print extension is Chrome Enterprise Recommended by Google, which means it is verified to be optimized for Chrome OS, meets the highest performance standards, and is easy to adopt.
Office workers using Google Chromebooks

Smoothly Migrate from Google Cloud Print

By end of December 2020, Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported by Google. Our new YSoft SAFEQ Google Chrome Print extension includes YSoft Google Cloud Print. This makes it very easy to migrate from the YSoft Google Cloud Print extension to the YSoft Google Chrome Print extension when you are ready. A few cut and paste clicks by a YSoft SAFEQ administrator is all that it takes (or we can assist).
Students using Google Chromebooks

Easily Deployed to All Employees or Students

SAFEQ print administrators in businesses can easily push the YSoft SAFEQ Chrome Print extension to users via the G Suite managed device and browser settings (Windows or MacOS needs extra configuration). SAFEQ print administrators in schools can install the YSoft SAFEQ Chrome Print extension (the backend server) in the DMZ and allow students/staff to send a print job from home (outside of the school network) and release the job in the school network. 

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The details: Easy client configuration (the backend server DNS name) mediates the connection with the client extension and the backend server placed in DMZ allows users to send and release print jobs.The extension configuration will allow SAFEQ administrators to restrict domains for registration or mapping the domain to a tenant; the extension is multitenant.