Extensions and Integrations

These YSoft SafeQ extensions and integrations add additional,
customized print management and document capture value to your business.
Adds additional functionality customized for customer’s needs. These are examples of common customizations. Additional customizations may be available.


Google Drive Upload

Uploads scanned documents to Google Drive

Uploads scanned documents to a user's Google Drive account; requires service account access. Extension Store #SWC-47

Guest Printing

Secure mobile printing for guests

Generates and delivers credentials (any PIN, code, password or CAC) without IT intervention. Extension Store #SWC-2


Job Archiving

Archives jobs for auditing purposes

All jobs (print, copy, scan and in some cases, faxes) can be archived. Once archived they can be searched and triggers can be defined based on keywords to notify auditors of possible data leaks. Extension Store #SWC-75


Job Routing Proxy

Faster delivery to MFDs, print job estimation pop-up & Local Monitoring

Accepts print jobs from various sources, processes them and send them to YSoft SafeQ using various client protocols. Examples include:
  1. When YSoft SafeQ is distributed to remote locations, the proxy removes potential delays.
  2. Adds a price estimation pop-up window.
  3. Integrates with a Local Monitor tool to monitor print jobs in the local Windows print spooler.
Extension Store #SWC-79

Multi-Level Reporting

Reports in a hierarchical tree structure

Generates web reports in a hierarchical tree structure showing divisions, departments and sub-departments based on the hierarchical structure from Active Director/LDAP. Web reports are shown as pivot tables and can be exported as a .CSV file. Extension Store SWC-119

My Savings Data

Provides usage data to individual users

Users can review their personal print, copy and scan activity and their environmental savings. The widgets are available after authentication to the YSoft SafeQ web interace. Makes reports accessible as a SharePoint widget on the user's dashboard. Extension Store #SWC-73


Print Delegation

Delegate a print queue to others

Web interface for managing members of a delegated print queue. Automatically creates shared print queues. Also offers simple language translation. Extension Store #SWC-49

YSoft SAFEQ can be integrated with or securely deliver documents to 3rd party applications. In addition to the extensions listed below, YSoft SAFEQ has a Connector Library for automatic delivery of scanned documents when using Automated Scan Workflows. These connectors are included in the Scan Workflows and Advanced Scan Workflows modules.



YSoft SAFEQ use in a Central Reproduction Department

Accounts for printing done through job ticketing. Developed and supported by ATI.



Print safely and securely from Epic, an electronic patient record system used in healthcare

Needing certified printers is a thing of the past. With the YSoft SAFEQ Connector integration with Epic, secure printing is possible on any networked multifunction device. Retention policies, auto-delete and print job visibility to users within Epic is possible and much more. Extension Store SWC-128

Google Cloud Print Connector

Users can send print jobs to YSoft SAFEQ from the Internet

YSoft SAFEQ is recognized as a cloud ready printer and receives notifications from Google about available print jobs. Extension Store #SWC-22

iManage (Legal)

Streamlined delivery of scanned documents

A simple scan workflow between YSoft SAFEQ and iManage.

LEAP Practice Management (Legal)

Delivery of scans and cost recovery reporting

A streamlined flow between YSoft SAFEQ and LEAP.

M-Files Enterprise Content Management

Delivery of scan files and metadata to the M-Files Enterprise Content Management system

The script also leverages M-Files' capability to fetch external file sources and parse metadata from an XML file. Therefore, the script can be used to deliver scanned files to other enterprise content management systems. Extension Store #SWC-52


Enables prints from SAP to be accounted for in YSoft SAFEQ

Identifies the print job owner from print job metadata, device status sync, batch print and support for documents generated by Adobe® Document Services. Extension Store #SWC-80

VSPX Enterprise

High volume, reliable delivery of jobs to printers

Verifies printing and if a failiure is detected, prints it agin or redirects to other printers. Print Roaming is optionally required for some features.

WeChat & Alipay

Links a WeChat and Alipay user accounts to a user's YSoft SAFEQ account

Uses WeChat and Alipay mobile apps to login to SafeQ, upload print jobs and make payment for prints, copies. Extension Store #SWC-108

Xerox Print Awareness Tool

An integration with the Xerox Print Awareness Tool

Provides print accounting via a connector allowing users to leverage the full feature set of YSoft SAFEQ and report accurate statistics for enterprise sustainability management. Extension Store #SWC-38

PayPal and DIBS payment gateways are standard with YSoft SAFEQ. Additional payment gateways provided as an extension or integration are listed here.


ARL Payment Provider

Manages balances and charges users for YSoft SAFEQ activity

Mainly used in libraries, this two-way integration allows users to pay for their YSoft SAFEQ activity. User balances are read from ARL and YSoft SAFEQ charges users for printing, copying or scanning. Extension Store #SWC-71


Ingenico eCommerce Payment Gateway

A payment gateway that supports over 150 payment methods globally

Formerly known as Ogone, this gateway supports various payment methods such as iDeal, direct banking, PayPal, WorldPay. Extension Store #SWC-13

IPS Payment Provider

Facilitates the use of pay-to-print functionality in YSoft SAFEQ

Reads and stores account balances and charges users for YSoft SAFEQ activity. Developed by BBM spol. s.r.o. Extension Store #SWC-40

ISKAM Payment Provider

Stores information about user balances and interact with them

Developed by ApS Brno s.r.o., it enables YSoft SAFEQ to read the balances from ISKAM and charges users for their YSoft SAFEQ activity. Extension Store #SWC-34

Izly Payment Provider

Allows charging for print, copy and scan activity

A popular French system that allows YSoft SAFEQ to read user balances and charges for YSoft SAFEQ activity. Extension Store #SWC-42

MultiSafepay Payment Provider

Allows users to recharge their YSoft SAFEQ accounts

Uses the MultiSafepay system to reload their YSoft SAFEQ account with funds. Extension Store #SWC-83

NetPay Payment Provider

Reads user balance and charges for YSoft SAFEQ activity

Two-way integration for user accounts to read balances and charges users for YSoft SAFEQ activity (printing, copying or scanning). Extension Store #SWC-60

OneStopSecure Payment Provider

Standardizes and centralizes how businesses transact and ensures payment information updates to finance and other systems

OneStopSecure by Nelnet (formerly UniLink Data Systems) is used mainly in Australia. All credit card payments are accepted trhough PCI secured payment compliant technology. Extension Store #SWC-81

Paytrail Payment Gateway

Users can easily add funds to their YSoft SAFEQ accounts

Acts as a plug-in for this payment gateway popular in Scandinavian countries. Extension Store #SWC-32

Przelewy24 Payment Gateway

Credit card payment processing that lets users add additional funds into their YSoft SAFEQ account

Provides a web-based credit card payment processing interface for many payment providers commonly used in Poland. Extension Store #SWC-20

Wirecard AG Payment Provider

An integration between the YSoft Payment System and Wirecard Checkout Page

Allows charging of user accounts in YSoft SAFEQ through this gateway. Extension Store #SWC-65

Using customized scripts, YSoft SAFEQ can automate administrative tasks and other tasks associated with importing content into YSoft SAFEQ.


Bcimport Billing Code Importer

Imports billing codes from a text input file into YSoft SAFEQ

BCimport is a command line tool for importing billing codes saving manual data entry. Extension Store #SWC-14


Convert to PDF

Automatic conversion of submitted print jobs to a stored PDF

Uses a Rules-Based Engine-triggered rule to convert print jobs submitted by a person, or groups of people, to PDF format and stores in a pre-defined user or shared networked folder. Extension Store #SWC-125

Credit Charger

Automatically batch apply virtual funds to YSoft SAFEQ accounts

Uses an XLSX file to add money to a user's virtual or money accounts. Extension Store #SWC-3


Network Printer Migration

Simplifies migrating networked printers into YSoft SAFEQ

Detects all locally installed networked printers and automatically creates them in YSoft SAFEQ. Optionally installs the YSoft SAFEQ Client and reconfigures all Windows printers to send print jobs to YSoft SAFEQ. Extension Store #SWC-64


Self-Assigned Cards

Method to self-assign and reuse staff ID badges, particularly useful for temporary field offices (such as healthcare testing sites). Customer keeps a pool of cards for users to self-assign when releasing a print job. User enters their domain credentials to complete the self-assignment process after the first print job release (or optionally assign-new-card-enabled in Management Interface). These cards are unassigned at a pre-defined time (typically, during the night) by a dedicated cleaning script. Cards can be self-assigned again the next day. The Print Roaming module is a requirement for this extension. Extension Store SWC-122


YSoft SAFEQ 6 IP Changer Tool

Speeds up the IP address change procedure

With this tool, the IP address change procedure for YSoft SAFEQ 6 or its external database server is faster. The tool consists of executable files and PowerShell scripts that can run from a Windows Server command without deploying additional runtime environments. Extension Store SWC-107


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