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Preppending Documents – Security Audit Files


A bank has 50 branch locations. Each week the branch’s security officer performs a site review and the resulting form is sent digitally to headquarters as an email attachment. At headquarters, 50 documents a week are received resulting in 2600 documents per year received by email. Each has to be opened, the attached renamed and saved to a secure location.

The bank’s headquarters prefers to have one digital document for each branch location that is automatically and securely updated each week by the branch’s security officer. The resulting document could then serve as a log history of site reviews for the branch.


An automated scan workflow is created for branch site reviews and access is given to each branch’s security officer via the multifunctional device. The workflow is designed to prompt for user input, in this case, for the security officer to navigate through the network file system to the folder containing the site review document for his branch. The workflow’s delivery is defined to be as PDF pages preppended to the selected document. In other words, any new scans will be added to the selected document as a page at the beginning of the document. The workflow is also configured to send an email to headquarters whenever an existing document has been changed.


Ruth, one of the security officers, authenticates at any multifunctional device by swiping her ID badge. Ruth selects the branch site reviews workflow. The workflow prompts Ruth to navigate and select the folder for the desired branch location. In the folder, Ruth selects the existing site review document.

Ruth inserts the document(s) into the multifunction’s feeder and proceeds to complete the workflow by scanning the current week’s site review documents.

The workflow automatically processes the new scans by creating new PDF pages at the front of the existing document.

The head of security at headquarters is notified by email that a site review document has been updated.