USB Readers

Authentication at any networked printer or Y Soft 3D printer with readers from Y Soft is the most accurate and easiest way to verify a user’s identification. Available as a contactless mobile reader or ID card swipe reader. 

YSoft USB Card Reader 3  

The USB Card Reader is the ideal solution for secure identification verification when using ID/entry badges. Many organizations already use identity cards that provide user access to buildings, offices, labs or other services. These cards can be extended to enable access to any printer in the 2D or 3D print environment. 

YSoft MFX Mobile™

This truly contactless reader verifies secure identification through the user’s mobile phone (Android or iOS). It’s the simplest, most cost-effective and fastest way to grant access with two-factor authentication. No personal data is stored on the reader ensuring data compliance while supporting efficiency and productivity. It’s the latest in our family of USB Readers and reads via mobile phone and ID badge. 
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The MFX Mobile offers fully contactless technology ensuring the safety of users, provides two-factor authentication and doesn’t store any data.
Supports Multiple Technologies
Supports Multiple Technologies
There are many types of access cards with different access technologies. The MFX Mobile and USB Card Readers support many of these.
MFX Mobile and USB Card Readers provide customizable options. Our custom configuration tool and card auto detection makes set up fast and easy.
Embedded or External Options
Embedded or External Options
Readers can be embedded in some brands/models of 2D printers and is embedded in the Y Soft 3D printer.


YSoft MFX Mobile - Contactless

Combining the YSoft MFX Mobile with the YSoft Mobile Connect™ app on Android or iOS, users simply need their mobile phone in order to access networked printers.  

YSoft USB Card Reader 3 – ID/Entry Badge 

Many organizations already use identity cards to authorize and control user access to buildings, offices, labs and other services. These cards can be extended to enable access to any 2D or Y Soft 3D printer. 
Reader technology Contact and Contactless
Size 86 mm H x 51 mm W x 19/21/28 mm D
Connectors Micro-USB (USB Card Reader 3)
Status notifications Multi-color LED indicator and speaker
Weight 60 - 200 g
Color Black / Light gray
Certifications Worldwide (depending on model)


There are many types of access card technologies. YSoft MFX Mobile and USB Card Reader 3 supports many of them, including but not limited to those shown below. For some multifunction printers, the communication protocol is different and specific card readers are needed for these brands. Contact Y Soft for more information on which brands are available.
  • AWID 
  • Calypso 
  • Cardax 
  • Casi-Rusco 
  • Cotag 
  • Dallas 
  • Datasec 
  • Deister 
  • EM40x 
  • EM410x 
  • FeliCa 
  • GE 
  • Inside Contactless 
  • Interlogix 
  • ioProx 
  • G-Prox 
  • HID iClass (including SE) 
  • HID Seos 
  • HID ISO Prox II, HID Prox, HID Prox UDF 
  • Hitag 1, 2, S 
  • ID TECK 
  • Indala ASP, ASP+ 
  • Indala FlexPass, Indala Prox 
  • Innovatron 
  • Inside Contactless 
  • ioProx
  • ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, ISO 15693 
  • Jablotron 
  • Keri 
  • Legic Advant, Legic Prime, Legic Access, Legic Interflex ID 
  • Legic Connect 
  • Magnetic stripe 
  • Mifare Classic, DESFire, DESFire EV1/EV2, Ultralight, Plus 
  • Motorola 
  • Nedap 
  • Nexkey 
  • Noralsy 
  • PAC/KeyPAC 
  • Paradox 
  • PosiProx 
  • Proxlite 
  • Pyramid 
  • Q5 
  • Sielox 
  • SmartCard 
  • Tiris 
  • Unique 
  • Urmet 

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