YSoft SafeQ 6 Embedded and External Terminals Comparison

Supported Features* Embedded Terminals External Terminals
    Terminal Pro 4 Terminal Professional 3.5 Terminal Ultralight
User authentication        
PIN / Card X X X X
username/password X X X  
Card readers        
Y Soft embedded card reader support     X X
YSoft USB card reader support X X    
User card self-assignment X X X  
User authorization        
User / group access rights settings X X X X
User color print restriction option X X X X
User interface, functions        
Menu screen to select copy/print/scan functions X X X  
User can copy, print and scan in one session X X    
Billing code (project) selection X X X  
Payment – quotas and charging X X X X
Language support (localization) X X X  
Pull print / secure print (Print Roaming®) X X X X
Option to display job lists – waiting jobs, re-print jobs, favorite jobs X X X  
Option to select jobs (print, delete, mark as favorite) X X X  
Job preview X X X  
Finishing options X X    
Display the number and price of accounted pages (print/copy) X X X  
Automated Scan Workflows – full support X      
Automated Scan Workflows – Quick Scan Workflows with native scanning   X   X
Device dependent accounting (copy, print, fax, scan) X      
Online accounting (copy, print, scan)   X X X
Offline accounting (print) X X X X
Compatibility with YSoft SafeQ 5 X   X X

*  For Embedded and External Terminals, not all MFD brands and/or models support all features listed or all features available in YSoft SafeQ and YSoft be3D eDee. Contact Y Soft for details for your print device brand/model.
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Y Soft & Microsoft Webinar June 3

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