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YSoft SAFEQ Terminal Pro 4

YSoft SAFEQ Terminal Pro 4 provides the interface for Authentication, Print Roaming and other functions when an integrated (embedded) solution is not desirable or not available. It is a modern, 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display with a built-in card reader slot for YSoft USB Reader 3.
YSoft SAFEQ Terminal Pro 4 interface
Terminal Pro 4 can also be used to supplement an MFD’s existing interface with a convenient touchscreen that empowers users to manage their print jobs. It does not communicate directly with the printer – it communicates via Ethernet with the YSoft SAFEQ server, which then communicates with the MFD.
Terminal Pro 4 is ideal for a multi-vendor print environment, providing a single common interface, features, and management capabilities spanning all multifunction devices (MFDs). For companies that use a MPS provider, Terminal Pro 4 makes it easy for providers to manage and maintain the printer fleet as a whole.

Technical Specifications

SIZE 199 mm H / 127 mm W / 21 mm D
WEIGHT 250 g
CONNECTIONS 2x Gbit LAN, 2x micro-USB 2.0, Smart cable port, 12 V power, micro-SD card slot, 3.5mm audio in/out
COLOR Light gray / black
POWER SUPPLY Per local requirements
USER INTERFACE 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, multi-touch, multicolor LED stripe and speaker
CARD READERS All current YSoft USB Readers suppoerted
OS Linux open platform, browser-based


Key Features and Options

  • Supports Quick Scan workflows where native scan to folder feature on the MFD is used. User can select a scan workflow on Terminal Pro 4, scan a paper document on the MFD, and an image of the scan is sent to YSoft SAFEQ for processing and delivery to a destination pre-defined by an administrator in the selected workflow.
  • Compatible with all worldwide power supplies.
  • Includes a universal mounting kit and screw set that makes installation easy on any type of printer.
  • Additional accessories include: 2m Cat 5e Ethernet cable, 1m cable spiral wrap and 18cm micro-USB cable.
  • Optional accessories include: smart cables for off-line MFD accounting, wall/table mounting kit, floor stand mounting kit and YSoft USB Reader 3.
  • Enables user identification, authentication and personalized access to MFDs and other network printers.
  • Blocks unauthorized access to MFDs for copies and scans when used with available, optional smart cable. Especially useful for pay-for-services or to ensure all activities on the MFD are captured for audit control.
  • Supports all YSoft SAFEQ Platform Suites and modules.
  • Supports authentication by card, PIN, username/password or a combination of any of these methods.
  • Designed to work with any MFD or networked printer.
  • Supports many types of card reader technologies; contactless and contact (smart, magnetic and iButton).
  • Job management functions include: view and select jobs, mark selected jobs as favorites, print from favorite job list, delete jobs from queue, display print job preview, display job details and change finishing options.