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YSoft SAFEQ Terminal Professional

The Terminal Professional provides secure printing, print tracking of copies or scans by user or department. Designed with a color touch screen, it includes the ability for users to manage print jobs, save jobs as favorites and delete jobs – all directly from terminal’s interface. The Terminal Professional also allows users to enter billing codes for project-based accounting.
YSoft SAFEQ Terminal Professional interface

User Options:

  • Authentication by PIN
  • Authentication by card
  • Authentication by username and password
  • Print, copy and scan
  • View and select jobs (jobs to print, favorite, printed jobs)
  • Mark selected jobs as favorite
  • Print favorite jobs by selecting them at the terminal
  • Delete jobs from the queue
  • Display print job preview
  • Display job details


  • Simple, user-friendly interface with full-color touchscreen display
  • Enables self card assignment by activation code or login/password if the user has no card assigned
  • Compatible with most MFDs and other network printers
  • Supports project accounting
  • Supports more than 35 languages
  • Supports remote administration
  • 4-port switch for connecting other devices